World Cup pressure, special Ashes and overthrow of New Zealand – Meg Lanning picks her best three innings | Instant News

As Meg Lanning, Australia’s captain and top hockey hitter, approaching ten years in international cricket, we asked him to pick his best three innings. He took us down memory lane and became the heart of Lanning’s three hundred winning matches, all reached away from home.

152 * of 135 balls vs Sri Lanka, Bristol, 2017 ODI World Cup

“Lanning 152 * beat Atapattu 178 *” reads the headline of ESPNcricinfo’s report on the league stage match. That’s all the background you need to understand the full impact of Lanning’s eleventh ODI culminating in his personal best of ODI.

Lanning: “We’re a little dumbfounded, to be honest. [Chamari] Atapattu has come out and hit us around the park. It’s probably not something we expected and that’s part of the problem, I guess. They make 250-260; it wasn’t an outrageous score, but just the fact that maybe it wasn’t the team we’d hoped for [to perform that way]. But he played really well. I remember saying to Ellyse Perry before we went hitting, ‘We’ve got to do something here. It’s up to us to actually win the game for us. ‘150 wasn’t out chasing, in a World Cup game where we were under the pump a little bit – that’s why it’s special. “

133 * of 63 balls, First T20I vs England, Chelmsford, 2019 Ashes

Lanning just returned from shoulder surgery that kept him out of action for nearly a year, but you won’t know it from this inning: his first 50 had 24 balls; Her century, brought up with a blow from Anya Shrubsole, needed only 51. Her new best T20I, also the highest round in the women’s T20I, led her side to their highest T20I total.

Lanning: “I don’t hit the ball too well, to be honest. It came from nowhere (smile). I played a few strokes that day that I don’t normally play. Everything comes out from the middle, everything is in the gap. It just clicked. It’s just one of those days when you feel like you’re one step ahead of what the bowlers and field players are trying to do. You have to make the most of it when it happens. That is fun. “

114 * of 113 balls, 2nd ODI vs New Zealand, Mt Maunganui, 2016

Chasing 207, Lanning dominated the round since he arrived 3rd in the final fifth. With Perry, he added 147 for the third goal, on his way to complete ODI’s seventh tonne and seal an emphatic eight-goal win. Lanning will make another hundred in the third ODI.

Lanning: “It was a Rose Bowl series against one of our most familiar opponents. We were less than excited because they beat us in the T20 in Australia. [in 2012-13]. We’re headed for the 2016 T20 World Cup. We lost our first ODI, so we struggled a little bit. We did well in the last two games. It was an unforgettable century. “


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Don’t bank here and exploit other people, say church leaders in Switzerland | Instant News

THE CHURCH in Switzerland has supported Constitution to punish multinational companies abuse it human rights and spoil living environment, and urged that their countries’ neutral and humanitarian traditions be mobilized to promote similar measures internationally.

“Human rights provide a protective shield for everyone from inhuman treatment by third parties – it requires companies to respect human rights abroad too,” Evangelical Reformed Church said in a joint statement with Switzerland Roman Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

“This makes it all the more important that international companies headquartered in Switzerland actively contribute to protecting human rights which they cannot be guaranteed due to precarious political and legal conditions.”

The statement was issued in support of the Corporate Responsibility Initiative, which threatens sanctions against companies that fail to uphold environmental and human rights standards, and will be submitted to a national referendum on November 29.

The Churches say that the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights has given rise to a “conception of humanity”, which is based on Judeo-Christian values ​​and embraces people around the world. It should, they say, apply to multinational companies under the corporate responsibility rules laid down by the 37-country Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

“This initiative urges both our government and the community of nations to engage with determination and without compromise for the validation and respect of human rights around the world. . . Such provisions must apply not only in Switzerland, but also in all countries where a Swiss company or its affiliates exist. “

The Corporate Responsibility Initiative, first launched by Swiss civil society groups in 2015, was converted into a parliamentary bill in 2018, and approved with modification in June. If adopted in a referendum, it would trigger a constitutional amendment that imposes due diligence requirements on Swiss companies around the world.

The Church statement said that a free world economy required “the widest possible legal protection”. There should be special advocacy in Switzerland, which hosts the International Red Cross and Union of countries organization.

“Swiss multinationals carry humanitarian traditions, based on the rule of law, with them around the world,” the Church said. “No business can gain or gain a competitive advantage from human rights abuses or evasion.”

Western companies are often accused of engaging in rights abuses and abuses of sourcing minerals and raw materials. At least eight European countries are working on care duties legislation to ensure greater accountability.
Legally binding instruments on Business and Human Rights will be debated at the United Nations this fall. That European Union implemented the Conflict Minerals Regulations last January, and has launched public consultations on further restrictions.

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Brazilian Xbox show host said she was fired to protect her from abuse | Instant News

A former Microsoft Xbox Brazil host said he lost his job because he had been subjected to constant harassment since he was hired less than two months ago, according to IGN.

“In early September, when I announced my new job at Xbox Brasil, I experienced all kinds of harassment, from people saying I didn’t play x or y and that I wasn’t ‘worth’ my job, to threats of rape / murder. and aggression for exposing tense situations, “wrote Isadora Basile statement posted to Twitter. “Thanks to the help of my family, boyfriend, and friends, I learned well about how to handle this, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen again.

“Because of all this harassment, Microsoft decided that this was the best way to cut ties with me as the host, so I wouldn’t be more exposed to this kind of situation that happened.”

Microsoft denied Basile’s version of the incident, telling IGN it was releasing him so soon after hiring him that it decided to focus more on the Xbox Wire website as a way to promote its business.

“We do not tolerate harassment or disrespectful behavior of any kind and we take action to support Isadora when personal attacks against him are brought to our attention,” the company said. “Last week’s programming changes were unrelated. This is a direct result of our continued efforts to reach more players in more languages ​​with real-time news and full information available from our global news outlet, Xbox Wire.”

During his brief stint with the company, Basile was the host of the Xbox News series on the official Xbox Brazil YouTube channel. His last appearance on channel published October 16.

This is the second time this year’s abuse on the Brazilian Xbox community has made headlines. In June, Xbox Brazil released a statement rejects the influencer channel XboxMilGrau and demanded that he remove the brand from his name after hosts reportedly made racist, sexist and transphobic remarks on their broadcasts and used the channel to harass women and minorities.


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Australian police are not investigating Vatican money transfers | Instant News


CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – Australian state police said on Friday that they were not investigating a transfer from the Vatican to Australia, casting doubt on Italian media speculation that it may be related to Cardinal George Pell’s canceled sentence for child sexual abuse. .

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has speculated in recent weeks that Vatican investigators are investigating whether Pell’s enemy on the Holy See, who overthrew Cardinal Angelo Becciu, transferred 700,000 euros ($ 823,000) of Vatican money to a bank account in Australia, and whether the money was tied to Pell’s sexual harassment court.

Victoria Police, who in 2017 charged Pell with child sexual abuse, said the Australian intelligence agency responsible for detecting international financial crimes, AUSTRAC, had confirmed that Vatican money had been sent to Australia.

But AUSTRAC “did not notify the Victorian Police of any suspicious activity related to this transaction,” the police department said.

“If there is no evidence or other intelligence, the Victoria Police have heeded advice from AUSTRAC. We are currently not carrying out any further investigations, “said a police statement.

However, it does not rule out criminality or corruption in money transfers.

The Australian Federal Police said on Wednesday that it was “conducting a review of the relevant information” provided by AUSTRAC. Evidence review is the first step towards a formal criminal investigation.

The Federal Police has also referred information to the Victorian Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission, an anti-corruption body that investigates the state’s public sector, including the police.

The commission has declined to comment “for legal and operational reasons”.

Italian newspapers speculated that Becciu may have “bought” the testimony of Pell’s accusers in order to get Pell out of the Vatican. Becciu and Pell are known to have clashed over efforts to clean Pell’s finances on the Holy See. Pell’s accusers, who cannot be identified, have denied the allegations.

The newspaper report lacks source, attribution or detail and appears to be more of an attempt to discredit Becciu and divert attention from the shortcomings of the Vatican prosecutors’ primary inquiry into the London real estate venture.

Australian newspapers reported on Thursday that Vatican investigators were examining four transfers to Australia between February 2017 and June 2018 for more than 1,050,000 euros ($ 1.24 million). The newspaper did not cite sources.

Pell was convicted by a Victorian court jury in 2018 on charges of molesting two choir children at St’s Cathedral Patrick was in Melbourne when he became archbishop in the 1990s, but was eventually acquitted by the Australian High Court.

Pell was brought in by Pope Francis to bring accountability and transparency to the Vatican’s opaque finances in 2014.

He returned to the Vatican this month to meet with Francis and clean up his apartment after Becciu was fired over allegations that he sent 100,000 euros ($ 118,000) in Vatican funds to a charity led by his brother. Becciu denies any wrongdoing.

Becciu has repeatedly denied involvement in Pell’s sentence. His lawyer, Fabio Viglione, said Becciu “never intervened in the matter in any way.”

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2021 Ram 1500 TRX first driving review: Yes, we airborne it | Instant News

“Now, when you get to the ramp, you want to travel about 55 miles, 60 miles an hour.” My co-pilot yelled the roar of the engine, while rocks and dust caused the pickup’s landing gear to explode. “This will give you the best high jump and distance, and let you start braking for the next corner.”

Yes, jump.I am behind 702 horsepower 2021 Ram 1500 TRX, Is one of the most extreme and strongest trucks Ram has ever produced. As the wheels left the ground and the harsh sound was replaced by the eerie silence, I began to understand how crazy this predator was indeed.

Hellcat Heart

The engineers at Ram followed a familiar formula: take the popular Fiat-Chrysler product and take the 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 from Dodge Challenger with Charger SRT Hellcat Enter the engine compartment. Pat yourself on the back; you have earned beer.

Of course, there is more. In the Ram TRX, the engine breathes through a new dual-path air intake system that mixes air drawn through its functional hood intake with intake air from the grille at the bottom of the large 29-liter airbox. Ram tells me that this design helps to make the air inside the box tumble and shake the sand and water away before it passes through the dual 8×12-inch air filters. Ram said its filter has a total surface area of ​​198.4 square inches, which is “the largest air filter in this segment.” TRX also has a unique high-flow exhaust device with a 5-inch resonator and exhaust device tip.

The change in Hemi’s breathing means that TRX can just The 702 horsepower (instead of the Hellcats 717-plus) has 650 pound-feet of torque, which is sent to the four-wheel drive system through an eight-speed automatic transmission. This is enough to launch 6,350 pounds of TRX from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and rise to 100 mph in 10.5 seconds. The truck can even travel a quarter of a mile with only 12.9 marks. TRX can be launched quickly and forcefully, and traction can be found immediately even on a dirty runway.

The wider Boi is 8 inches wider than the standard Ram 1500.

Anton Goodwin/Roadshow

Suspension upgrade

In many ways, the suspension and chassis upgrades of the Ram 1500 TRX are more impressive than the powertrain because of their greater range of functions. The TRX frame is based on the frame of the Ram 1500 cab, but after modification, more than 70% of new parts have been added to increase strength and rigidity, and completely change the truck’s suspension geometry. The horn-shaped body of the pickup is 8 inches wider than the standard Ram 1500, and the front and rear tracks have been increased by 6 inches.

TRX is 2 inches higher than the standard 1500, increasing the ground clearance to 11.8 inches and the water depth to 32 inches. The front wheels are moved forward by 0.6 inches, slightly increasing the wheelbase, and freeing up space to accommodate stronger suspension components and 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires, which are mounted on 18×9-inch wheels (or similar specifications) The optional wheels with beadlock function allow crawling with ultra-low tire pressure.


TRX’s suspension and chassis upgrades may be more exciting than the 700-horsepower engine.

Anton Goodwin/Roadshow

You will find an independent suspension at the front, a solid rear axle at the rear, coil springs and forged aluminum parts all around. At all four corners, you will also find a 2.5-inch Bilstein Black Hawk E2 adaptive shock absorber with a remote fuel tank that controls the movement of the suspension. At the front, the TRX has 13 inches of wheel travel, and the rear axle has 14 inches of travel. (You can check our specification comparison to read-and watch- Ram 1500 TRX is opposed to Ford F-150 Raptor)

on the way

On paved roads, TRX will undoubtedly be full of confidence because of its excellent offline acceleration performance and surprisingly smooth shifting of its eight-speed automatic transmission. The rumble of the V8 exhaust is always there, but it will never be annoying. The rides are still like trucks, but they are not more floating than the standard 1500, which already has quite controllable rides.

TRX has eight driving modes and valet parking settings. It is best to switch highway mileage between the default mile and balanced automatic settings and sports to enhance steering, suspension, gearbox and stability control. In the end, I found that it is better to create a custom setting that combines the two. There are also snow, mud/sand, drag, rock and Baja patterns.


Through the 12-inch touch screen, the driver can customize the performance of its TRX for various conditions.

Anton Goodwin/Roadshow

You can use a combination of physical controls and a standard 12-inch Uconnect 4C infotainment system to interact with the drive mode. Ram said this is the first time its Performance Pages software has been implemented with a large 12-inch display, which also has menus for monitoring off-road indicators, such as wheel joints, steering angle and axle lock status.

Of course, the infotainment software still has all the technical functions I like in the standard 1500, including SiriusXM 360L integration, standard Android Auto with Apple CarPlay Connectivity, Uconnect Apps, etc. You will also find plenty of physical charging options for phones and technology, including a total of five USB-A ports and five USB-C ports, which are divided between the front and rear rows, and a wireless charging panel meter located at the bottom board.

The pickup can also be equipped with a set of modern driver assistance technologies, including blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, front collision warning with brake assist, and lane departure warning with lane keeping assist. Keep the check box to add a full-color head-up display and rear-view mirror.


Use these controls to quickly switch between driving modes and 4WD settings. Please note that there is no 2WD mode.

Anton Goodwin/Roadshow

Off-road performance

While playing in the Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks, Nevada, I was able to first test the ability of Ram TRX to crawl on a fairly steep rocky hillside overlooking the track. Set the driving mode to “Rock”, set the transfer case to 2.64:1 4WD Low, and lock the Dana 60 rear axle so that the truck can perform high torque and low speed climbing. With Ram’s spotter and TRX’s wide angle (30.2), departure (23.5) and breakthrough (21.9) angles, TRX makes climbing work short and relatively easy.

While waiting for my turn on the track, I was able to explore the rocky ground around the track and test Selec-Speed ​​Control (an off-road cruise control inherited from Jeep Wrangler) on another low-speed car to climb loose results . The TRX shock absorber did its job well, absorbing some huge bumps, making me run around in the deeply supported driver’s seat, but still felt unstoppable on the two tracks.

up in the air

Setting the TRX driving mode to Baja allows the 4WD, transmission, steering and stability control systems to know that it’s time for business. At the same time, Baja sets the suspension to the maximum driving distance and the control required for high-speed mud driving.

I entered the stadium on the top of a huge mountain. Then it was an annoying descent, descending straight to the front and jumping up in a short segment. Then enter the Baimingtong, a series of bumpers used to test the Bilstein suspension and Ram’s Active Terrain Dynamics software. They can react every 20 milliseconds to keep the truck balanced and controlled.


I am encouraged true Test the limits of TRX advanced suspension.

Ram truck

After lavishly left-handed training (I was encouraged to drift), it was time for a big jump. For another downhill training session, I aimed the pickup at the ramp, padd the accelerator to the recommended speed of 55 mph, and then started flying.

TRX will definitely fly and land so gracefully, I wonder if Ram should call this type of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Looking back at my photos, I estimate that the maximum jump from takeoff to landing is 60 feet (about three and a half minutes of the length of the truck), reaching a height of about 24 inches.Using all 13 inches of suspension stroke when landing, the shock absorber can be fully compressed while gradually tightening at the end of the stroke, and has a damping force of up to one ton In every corner Prevent bottoming out.

The wheels returned to the ground, I screamed, and then applied the 15-inch four-wheel disc brakes to make the left-handers sensitive. After ing up the tail of a big cock, I meandered down the mountain road, doing all this again…five times.


Ram’s Truckasaurus is not an actual choice, but it is definitely a lot of fun.

Anton Goodwin/Roadshow

Availability and price

The Ram 1500 TRX starts at US$71,690 (including a destination service fee of US$1,695), which is much more expensive than the price of US$58,135. Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew’s. With a full load, you need to spend $95K for TR2 trim level with all optional fixtures. In addition, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s 10 mpg city speed and 14 mpg highway rated power are worse than the Raptor’s 15-gallon and 18-mile highway estimates, which means you will pay more for this.

In other words, TRX is a larger and more powerful predator than Raptor, with only more than 250 calls and shouts. It also has a more advanced suspension, especially on the rear axle of the leaf spring where the Raptor is still rocking. (Rumors that Ford might fight back V8 power supply with one Coil spring setting The next generation of Raptor itself. )

The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX is not a practical truck, but it is probably the most interesting and craziest pickup you can buy today.

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