‘Stunning response’ to requesting an investigation into the Hunterston drill boat incident | Instant News

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch has refused to commit to an independent investigation into the Hunterston drill boat incident.

The organization has responded to a community council call for an independent inquiry and said the investigation would come under the control of the flag state of the ship Valaris DS4, which is the Marshall Islands.

The Marshall Islands are a series of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines.

Sophie Little, UK Senior Investigative Support Officer, said: “The branch is conducting a preliminary assessment of the cause and state of this incident and is related to the status of the flag of the vessel in question.

“Under international protocol, it is primarily the responsibility of the flag state rather than the coastal state to carry out investigations.

“However, it is too early to determine whether the branch will carry out a full investigation or not.”

Fairlie community councilor Rita Holmes said she was stunned by the news.

He added: “We ask them to fully investigate this serious incident involving the two drill boats at Hunterston. I am surprised that the State of the Marshall Islands, thousands of miles away, could carry out an investigation into something that happened 900m from our village.

“The Fairlie Community Council is calling on the Marine Accident Investigation unit – a branch of the British Government – to carry out an independent investigation given the seriousness of this issue at its doorstep. So much for democracy and local determination.”

Local councilman Tom Marshall said: “The Marine Accident Investigation Unit appears to be washing its hands as a preliminary step by saying it is protocol for the flag state responsible for carrying out investigations, and because Britain is not a flag state, and these ships belong to the Marshall Islands in Pacific, the responsibility rests with them.

“This is an interesting development and we need to see where it is going. I strongly think that Peel Ports as a Port Authority and jetty owner means there needs to be some sort of investigation if they’re going to do it. Keep this boat moored there.

“Of course, there has been planning permission to operate Hunterston Terminal as a port since 1974 when the iron ore terminal was built so they can do what they want in terms of it being a port – but they have to do it in a safe way.”

The Marshall Councilor added that the North Ayrshire Council has limited powers because the incident took place in the open sea area, which is under the protection of Marine Scotland.

A spokesperson for Peel Ports said: “As an ongoing multi-agency investigation involving ourselves as port authorities, maritime and coastal agencies and others, we are unable to comment on the current findings. When the report is complete and the incident is complete we will be there. in a position to form an inquiry panel. ”

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Australian Blackmail Attempts against Facebook Show Pendulums Swing Back at Consumers – InsideSources | Instant News

Imagine this scenario: At the behest of several major legacy news outlets, the government passed a law requiring that every time a story is linked to social media, the social network must pay a fee to the news outlet.

In other words, to allow a newspaper column or celebrity gossip blog link to appear elsewhere, the website has to spend money on the news outlet it originates from.

While such a case seems ludicrous here in the United States, home to Silicon Valley, it is precisely what Australia is currently pursuing in its escalating war against tech companies like Facebook and Google.

And countries like Canada, Britain, India and France are gearing up to be next.

At the end of last year, the News Media Bargain Code was introduced in the Australian Parliament to “address the imbalance in bargaining power between Australian news media businesses and digital platforms”. The bill is a multi-year effort of state competition and a consumer commission, demanded by the conservative-leaning Liberal Party.

In proposing the bill, Prime Minister Scott Morrison made all necessary bids that signaled opposition to “Big Technology”.

By imposing a link tax on technology companies, the idea is to support Australian media companies that have lost ad revenue to the platform. However, it does a significant disadvantage for both consumer choice and the openness of the Internet itself.

World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee said such a proposal would make the Internet “not workable, “Imposes fees and taxes on what should be the free space on the open network. In other words, these regulations will likely terminate the most basic principles that underlie the internet.

It is up to media companies to find innovative and effective methods of capturing digital audiences, not lobbying the government to siphon off their money.

Google conceded early in the fight, creating “news showcase“In countries such as Australia, Great Britain and Argentina which will offer a number of premiums to publishers. But Facebook is holding out.

And although Morrison and his fellow lawmakers removed the pendulum, it ultimately turned against Australian consumers.

Recently, millions of Australians took to Facebook to find out that they were no longer able to share links or articles from Australian news sites. Instead of changing their business model to comply with the proposed law, the company decided to block domestic news from being shared on the platform at all.

It’s a bold move meant to show the government that the media need Facebook more than they need.

However, as of Tuesday, Facebook has done it announced it has reached individual agreements with smaller Commonwealth publishers.

“After further discussions with the Australian government, we reached an agreement that will allow us to support our selected publishers, including small and local publishers,” said Facebook’s VP of global news, Campbell Brown.

This precedent is important for two reasons.

First, the Australian bill is one of the boldest attempts to use domestic media laws to generate revenue from American tech companies.

Second, it shows that it has something to do with the bailout of traditional media companies and has almost nothing to do with consumers.

Just as in the European Union and some Latin American countries, the taxation and restrictions on technology companies based in the United States depend on getting a share of the cake. Concern for consumers, and their continued access to online information, is secondary.

We’ve seen it with Uber and Apple in Brussels and London, and it is sure to continue as tax-starved countries seek to control what they perceive as a golden goose.

That is why this policy is so damaging to consumers and the basic principles of an open Internet.

The keys to media outlets that thrive and thrive in the digital age are innovation and creativity, all of which benefit consumers, not bans, tax increases, or vibrant media laws.

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Lollygagger @ large: adventures await campervan travel enthusiasts | Instant News

Gary and Barbara Pouliot were happy campers. Today, the people of Springfield are very enthusiastic motorhome enthusiasts. Our paths crossed in January at a gathering of travelers in Florida who sign up for trailers sponsored by Yankee RV Tours. The company and its founder, former Somers resident Rod Coe were featured in a Lollygagger @ large column published by The Republican in June. “We’ve never done a trailer, so we’re very happy to tour with Yankee,” said Barb Pouliot. They weren’t alone. Coe said 135 adventure-hungry RVs – masked and respectfully distant, of course – made their way for the travel agency’s annual meeting and orientation at the Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, about 40 miles north. -West of Orlando. Said Gary Pouliot. The first trip, scheduled for July and August, will take them through the American Northwest, what he called “our dream destination”. The route spans 35 days, starting at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and following sections of the trails from Mormon and Oregon to the Pacific Coast. The couple also signed up for two events. in 2022: a six-day motorhome rally in January in Cape Canaveral, Florida, which will include tours of the Kennedy Space Center; and in September, they’ll embark on a 20-day caravan through the American Southwest, visiting the national parks and scenic wonders of Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Gary Pouliot is 65, a muscular guy with a gentle mind. His wife, a year younger, has a ready and willing sense of humor. Barb was Barbara Stevenson when her family lived in East Springfield. She attended Pottenger Elementary, Van Sickle Junior High and Technical High School. Gary grew up in the Liberty Heights neighborhood of Springfield, near Carew Street. He attended Liberty Elementary, Van Sickle Junior High and Trade High schools. “We grew up together,” said Barb Pouliot. “We met at Van Sickle High School where we became childhood sweethearts.” They were married in 1975 at Our Lady of Hope Church, where their families were communicators.After the wedding, Barb was a stay-at-home mom and caring for several other children. Later she worked for Filene’s in Eastfield Mall and Louis & Clark Pharmacy.Gary was employed by Ferrara Spring Works in Springfield, then joined Carpenters Union Local 108. He worked on construction projects in the Springfield area , then spent 23 years at Unwinn Overhead Portes in Chicopee. He retired in 2012, and he and Barb made their home in Alva, Florida, 18 miles northeast of Fort Myers. The Pouliots enthusiasm for motorhomes is evident in their faces and in their speech as they remember over 40 years of camping adventures. We started camping in 1980, “said Barb, when the young Pouliots were 5, 3 and 2.” We camped in tents and also slept in the back of a pickup truck. Gary, she recalls, “made a plywood bed that he put on the top rails of the truck where the kids slept.” We slept on the floor of the truck with the dog. It was a great, inexpensive way to go and have fun. The next generations of Pouliot campers include his daughter Jeannine Pouliot Duquette and her husband, Ben, who live in Springfield with their daughters Anissa and Mikayla, and his son Gary Pouliot, his wife, Stephanie and their son, Jordan, who live in Ludlow. . His daughter Kathryn Pouliot and daughters Chloé and Kelsy live in the Trois-Rivières neighborhood of Palmer. During four decades of camping, the Pouliots have passed through half a dozen RVs, including a converted pickup truck, two caravans, a small RV, a large RV, and a 60-foot-long model park on Cape Cod, where they “spent a lot of time with their grandchildren,” said Barb. The Pouliots now travel in a 23-foot-long MPG trailer; the manufacturer states that the name is derived from the creation of more “memories per gallon”. Gary Pouliot points out that the MPG “will probably not be our last” RV. Barb said she prefers to travel by RV “because it’s the best way to relax.” Gary said he loves the lifestyle because “it’s the best and the only way to see it all and meet the greatest people. … We plan to camper van until we can no longer drive. Norm Roy, retired editor for The Republican, lives and travels in an RV. He looks forward to hearing from readers about their own travel adventures. His email address is: [email protected]

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PAF sailing team wins National U-25 Junior Sailing Championship | Instant News

The LAHORE-Pakistan Air Force (PAF) sailing team maintains their supremacy at the 2021 National Under-25 Junior Sailing Championship by winning all three gold medals in the open sea near the coast of Clifton Karachi.

According to a PAF spokesperson in Jakarta, Monday, the PAF team won eight of the nine medals and created history. On the final day of the championship held from 24-26 February 2021 in the open sea near the coast of Clifton Karachi, the PAF sailors were not challenged and comfortably won medals in the Laser Standard, 470 Class and Windsurfing RSX Class Championships. In the Laser Standard category, PAF’s Awais maintained its dominance throughout the championship. After going through fierce competition, Hamzah TNI AL succeeded in securing second place, followed by Augustin from the PAF. In the 470 Class category, gold, silver and bronze medals were won by PAF sailors.

Azeem and Mubashir Ali won gold medals, Zain Bin Yameen and Muhammad Abdullah won silver medals and Daniyal Tanveer and Imran from PAF won bronze medals each. In the Windsurfing RSX Class category, PAF also dominates the acquisition of the three medals. Sami Ullah won the gold medal while Naveed Iqbal won the silver and bronze medal for Muhammad Suleman.

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