Browns coach Bob Wylie: ‘I would fairly watch a plant develop than stretch’ | NFL

Browns offensive line coach Bob Wylie simply would not perceive the idea of stretching.

Throughout Tuesday’s episode of “Arduous Knocks,” Wylie questioned why the warm-up is deemed such an vital prerequisite for taking part in sports activities as he referenced troopers and the way they lacked the necessity to stretch earlier than going to battle.

“I would fairly watch a plant develop than stretch,” Wylie mentioned. “Do you know, World Battle I and World Battle II, all these guys that fought in that battle … they did pushups, leaping jacks, situps, climb the rope and ran. None of this fancy (expletive). They usually received two World Wars. Do you assume they have been apprehensive once they have been operating throughout Normandy about (expletive) stretching?”

Wylie does boast 25 years of teaching expertise within the NFL along with 20 years in school and the CFL, so his recommendation may be taken with a grain of salt.


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