How North Korea May Launch a Nuclear Battle from the Sea

Sebastien Roblin


Meet Kim’s new submarine that may hearth nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

How North Korea May Launch a Nuclear Battle from the Sea

North Korea’s Kim dynasty has lengthy practiced an unsubtle type of political signaling which may be summed up: when issues aren’t going its manner, launch some missiles.

Thus after Nationwide Safety Advisor John Bolton, who has lengthy advocated forceful “regime change” in North Korea, met with South Korean officers in July 2019, Pyongyang celebrated his arrival by test-firing two new short-range ballistic missiles.

And as U.S. troops ready to embark on their its first main army train with South Korea after an extended hiatus in August 2019, on July 22 Pyongyang launched pictures of Kim Jong Un in grey go well with visiting a dry dock to examine what analysts have concluded is an outdated Romeo-class submarine modified to launch ballistic missiles by way of its sail (conning tower).

A KCNA press launch pointedly indicated the submarine’s position in “strategic duties”—a really thinly-veiled reference to its position launching nuclear weapons.

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