IGP Sindh Syed Kaleem Imam refutes the news of his transfer

KARACHI: Police Inspector General (IGP) Sindh Syed Kaleem Imam on Tuesday refuting news of his transfer from the province said he will not go anywhere, ARY News reported.

آئی جی سندھ سید کلیم امام نے اپنے تبادلے کی خبر کی تردید کردی

آئی جی سندھ سید کلیم امام نے اپنے تبادلے کی خبر کی تردید کردی – میرا تبادلہ اتنی آسانی سے ہونے والا نہیں, جاوں گا تو اپنے مقدر سے جاوں گا – اگر میرا تبادلہ ہوگیا تو بھی ہاتھی سوا لاکھ ک ہی رہوں گا – یہ افتتاحی تقریب ”

Published by ARY News on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

He was conducting an inaugural ceremony at the Office of the Capital Police (CPO).

Speaking to police officers, IGP Syed Kaleem Imam said his transfer is not so easy and added that he will leave the province according to his destination.

Referring to the ceremony, he said that an inaugural meeting was named as a farewell ceremony for him. “It seems that the Sindh government wants to save money from my farewell party.”

He alleged that a conspiracy has been plotted to get him out of the province and added that all [police officers] Work under the law of the land. He attributes the work of the department team to keep the peace in the province.

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Assuring his fellow police officers not to worry in difficult times, IGP Sindh said that during his service, he went through those days, where he thought “This is the last day of my service.”

The federal government decided on Monday to eliminate Sindh Police Inspector General (IG), Kaleem Imam, after Prime Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to replace Sindh IGP at an individual meeting here in Karachi

Sources said that Mushtaq Ahmed Mehar will probably be named as the new IGP Sindh.




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