Justin Trudeau’s $ 4 donuts cost him dear (opinion)

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Fresh from a series of mini scandals and a humiliating election victory, the photogenic Canadian Prime Minister inadvertently gave his citizens another reason to ridicule him.
It didn’t help that he committed this sin a liberal cabinet retreat in Winnipeg, a prairie city in central Canada, predominantly working class. Winnipeggers pride themselves on being thrifty and hardy, especially during long, chilling cold winters. Nor did it help that his NATO “hot mic” scandal (in which Trudeau seemed to mock US President Donald Trump at a Buckingham Palace reception) – kept ringing in the ears of Canadians as they watched him show his fancy donuts with his new fancy beard.

But honestly, people are hurting themselves too much. Compared, for example, to the reproach he made last year after the black-faced photos of the young Trudeau were discovered (apologized), and his disastrous trip to India, this donut filling is a minor and forgivable gaffe . I would like to suggest everyone to have a Timbit with a double double (I will explain).

If you are not a Canadian (I am one), and this is all puzzling – well, you don’t know donuts (ie: Tim Hortons).

Even after being sold to overseas owners, Tim Hortons – named after Canadian hockey co-founder and legend Miles Gilbert “Tim” Horton – remains a Canadian icon on par with the Hudson’s Bay department store chain and chain of Canadian Tire hardware stores. While the latter go out “Money for Canadian tires” for loyal customers, Tim Hortons spawns long lineups at approx 4,300 Canadian stores and airportsand customers have special jargon when they order at the counter (“double double”? They are two creams and two sugars in the coffee).

Oh Donuts, on the other hand, boasts only two locations, both in Winnipeg. Its menu ranges from (at the lower end) to “Gluten friendly” donuts, at $ 4.25 each to half a dozen regular and special donuts that can cost between $ 19 to $ 25 Canadian (which is close to $ 15 US). The company claims to offer its employees decent wages and good benefits, as well as using local and organic ingredients.

Tim Hortons’ cheaper donutson the contrary, they cost less than a dollar each. If you want 10 assorted “Timbits” (made from the remaining dough from the donut hole) it will push you back to the proletarian price of $ C2.39.
While Tim Hortons is a large company owned by a Canadian holding owned by a Brazilian investment company, Oh Donuts proudly announces that it is owned and operated by queers (and women) and produces its product “fresh from scratch every day”.

Certainly for Trudeau, the values ​​of this structure could not better align with his public figure as a self-proclaimed feminist and minority and gender rights champion.

However, being dragged for his Tweet indicates how this political correctness master may have mistaken his Midas touch for a series of missteps.

He was forced to press to go home with that new beard salt and pepper after a extended family vacation in Costa Rica over the Christmas period (critics said he had to project an air of maturity), and last year it hurt tinker an answer about how his first ministerial house consumes water. In this latest fuss, a Twitter user also took aim for the prime minister’s choice of delicacies in contrast to Canada’s Food Guide, a government guideline for healthy eating, which many Canadians unashamedly publish on their refrigerator doors.

Trudeau, currently in a vulnerable minority government position, probably regrets posting the donut on social media and triggering this “Canada Only” incident. But who knows? If Trudeau keeps his head down (and his beard cut) it could turn out to be just a storm in a teapot – or a lot of dough for nothing.


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