Magnus Carlsen breaks record for longest unbeaten run in chess

Carlsen, the number 1 chess player in the world and, as such, was his prodigious talent, described as the "chess Mozart" as a fourteen year old, drew against Jorden van Foreest in the fourth round of the Wijk aan Zee tournament in the Netherlands for break the record.

Magnus Carlsen beats Fabiano Caruana to win the World Chess Championship

The 29-year-old Norwegian grandmaster achieved his prowess by playing against opponents with a much higher average Fide score – the rankings governing the international chess competition – than Tiviakov's rivals.

He suggested that he could only consider the beaten record if he had won two more games since two wins in the Norwegian League were against opponents with a score more than 500 points lower than him.

But Carlsen told the English newspaper The Guardian: "I'm all for [claiming the series]. I consider my series against elite opposition is 109 and against good opposition is 111 and I'm happy."

In 2018 Carlsen beat American Fabiano Caruana to secure his fourth world chess title.

Mental sports

It is not only in chess that Carlsen showed his analytical talents. In December, the Norwegian passed the Premier League Fantasy table, although he has now returned to ninth place. The Premier League Fantasy Football competition is contested by over seven million competitors.
Carlsen is pictured playing football in Velsen-Zuid before a chess tournament in 2017.
On Wednesday Carlsen will be one of the chess masters of the Tata Steel Masters and Tata Steel Challengers and will take part in a friendly football match with players of the Dutch team Telstar FC.

"The best football and the best chess, one physical and one mental sport. You feel that they are miles away, but they have more in common than they seem and reinforce each other," said Myra Rooselaar, president of the Tata chess tournament Steel.

"In physical sports, innovative concepts and strategic thinking are needed to reach the absolute maximum. And vice versa, it is important that chess players are physically fit to be able to offer maximum performance."

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