Orders of the Sindh High Court to publish the key JIT reports

KARACHI: On Tuesday, the Sindh High Court (SHC) granted a petition to publicly disclose three reports from the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on high-profile cases, ARY News reported.

Judge Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro heard the case and heard the petition presented by the Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs, Ali Zaidi, in the high court that was trying to make the JIT reports public.

The bank today ordered the authorities to publish JIT reports on the leader of the Lyari gang war, Uzair Baloch, the tragedy of the Baldia factory fire and the former president of the Society of Fishermen Cooperatives, Nisar Morai

The petitioner’s lawyer argued in court that the government was hiding the causes of the bleeding in the city by keeping secret the investigation report that the investigators completed.

The petitioner’s lawyer, Omar Soomro, said that the JITs were formed at the request of the provincial government, and after the completion of the investigations, their reports were hidden from the public, who has the right to know the truth.

More than 250 innocent people were burned to death in the Baldia factory fire, the lawyer said. Uzair Baloch, the king of gang warfare in Lyari, had turned the area into a war zone. The lawyer said that several police officers and government officials who were not promoted to high positions were involved in the activities of the criminals and remained silent as spectators by failing to fulfill their obligations under the law.

“Now these officers have received promotions and have been published in key government positions,” said the lawyer. “The chief secretary of Sindh wants to protect these officers,” he said.

He asked the court to publish and provide official copies of the JIT reports, since all citizens have the right to access the information.

“We want to keep the facts before the public and file a petition to make the reports public.”




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