The prime minister’s orders bring positive administrative changes to defeat the mafias

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LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered members of the National Assembly (MNA) of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to defeat organized mafias involved in deceiving nationals through positive administrative changes, ARY reported Sunday News

Prime Minister Khan said: “The elimination of corruption is the manifesto of our political party. An organized mafia is promoting a negative impression against the government between nationals and the same people, who have deceived the nation since the last decades, now see how the confusion spreads. ”

The prime minister ordered NA legislators to defeat those elements by implementing positive administrative changes. He said that large fish involved in criminal activities and running mafias seized Punjab for the first time in history.

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“I want to make this very clear that we will not withstand any pressure, since we have always faced challenges and will also face it in the future.”

The PTI MNAs called on Prime Minister Imran Khan today during their one-day visit to Lahore, where they informed him about the problems of their constituencies.

“The federal government is fully aware of the obstacles in the completion of development projects. This meeting aims to give special instructions for solving public problems. Not a single area will be deprived of development work. Legislators must maintain close contacts with nationals in their respective constituencies in addition to making efforts to solve public problems as a priority. ”

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He emphasized the implementation of an effective mechanism to improve coordination between government, administration and elected representatives of Punjab.

Prime Minister Khan said the country had faced a historic crisis when PTI came to power amid the rapid devaluation of the rupee and the burden of heavy loans. However, the crisis situation revoked by effective government policies, including the stability of the value of the national currency and foreign investments. He added that the world now sees Pakistan as an emerging country for investments.

Early in the day, Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Lahore on a one-day visit. During his stay in the provincial capital, he will meet with Punjab Prime Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, and with Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar.

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The prime minister will also hold a meeting with members of the provincial cabinet. An extensive discussion on various political and administrative issues is likely to take place. His visit comes as a result of reports that some dissatisfied PTI legislators have formed an advanced bloc in the Punjab Assembly for breach of their demands.

According to reports, the front bloc has joined a large number of members of the Provincial Assembly (AMP) belonging to the South and Central Punjab. The sources revealed that the block consists of 30 legislators.




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