Trump’s campaign handles hundreds of Facebook’s deceptive advertisements about the Super Bowl censorship

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The messages, published on Facebook Thursday and Friday and disclosed on the website on the advertising transparency of the technological platform, represents the latest example of the will of the social media giant to allow politicians to incorrectly target users and to revive criticisms according to which society benefits from disinformation. Facebook declined to comment.

In Facebook advertisements, Trump’s campaign called on “liberal media” to broadcast Super Bowl advertisements.

“We know that the Fake News media will do everything they can to ensure that our ad never sees the light of day,” says the Facebook ad. “That’s why I’m asking you to step up and ASK that they broadcast our advertising during the Super Bowl.”

“REQUEST THE LIBERAL MEDIA TO SEND OUR AD,” continues the advertisement. The Trump campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

In recent months Facebook has been subjected to careful scrutiny for its advertising policy which allows politicians to lie on its platform. The issue took on national significance last fall after Trump’s campaign posted a Facebook ad telling the truth about former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Shortly thereafter, the promising democratic presidency Sen. Elizabeth Warren posted an announcement on Facebook he deliberately lied on the political tendencies of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to draw attention to politics. Since then Warren has repeatedly accused Facebook of taking money “to promote lies”. Zuckerberg said Facebook doesn’t limit politicians’ speech because users should judge that speech themselves.

Trump’s most recent Facebook announcement is misleading for two reasons, according to Andrew Schwartzman, a media law expert at the Benton Foundation, a civil society group.

First, the Super Bowl, and by extension, the announcement of the Trump Bowl Super Bowl, will be broadcast exclusively on Fox, whose president, Rupert Murdoch, shares close ties with Trump. Other media companies will have no role in determining whether Fox is broadcasting the campaign announcement. Fox did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Second, the Federal Communications Commission regulations prohibit broadcasters such as Fox from refusing political advertising by legally qualified candidates for the federal office.

“They have to publish the announcement,” said Schwartzman. “The only change they can make is if the ad doesn’t meet sponsorship identification requirements by saying” paid by so-and-so “in letters of a certain size. That’s it.”

In exchange for a 60-second announcement at the start of the game, Trump’s campaign should pay Fox at least $ 10 million. Trump worked out separate Facebook ads confirming that the campaign has purchased 60 seconds of Super Bowl airtime. Fox is also expected to air an announcement during the Super Bowl by the Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.
Trump’s campaign has bought airtime on Fox before with no problems. In October, the campaign released an announcement during the latest World Series game which it costs seven digits, underlined the results achieved by the President and threw the Democrats for their attention on impeachment.

While the FCC enforces policy advertising policies on TV broadcasters and television networks, the regulations do not apply to cable networks, said Schwartzman. In addition, the rules do not typically apply to cable companies that are simply transporting channels of broadcasters to cable subscribers.


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