“He never leaves anything behind him” – CBS New York

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OYSTER BAY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A team of Long Island cheerleaders is ending its season, despite some unique circumstances. The Oyster Bay High School athletes are victoriously moving away from a national competition.

As Nina Kapur of CBSN in New York discovered, this team continues to beat the odds.

Bianca McEvoy can fly, she can fall and help lead her team to victory.

He does everything with a smile, but without his senses.

Bianca McEvoy (photo: CBSN New York)

“I was born legally blind. It is caused by albinism, which is a lack of pigment in the hair, eyes and skin, “said the 11th grader.

McEvoy’s vision is 20/200, which means what a person with perfect vision can see at 200 feet, which he can only see at 20.

But this never stopped her.

“I love the thrill of grumbling, being in the air and doing unusual things,” said McEvoy.

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The thrill of cheerleading can be a little more intense for McEvoy than his teammates. He relies solely on sound and touch to complete routines, which can be considered more demanding because he is a flyer, the team mate in the air more.

“I learned to make a rounded rear spring from the sounds made by hands and feet hitting the floor,” said McEvoy.

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This winter she helped lead the varsity team in the national team, where she finished ninth in her division. His teammates are always willing to help.

“My teammates always make me feel comfortable. They never made me feel like I was anything different or there was a problem, “said McEvoy.

Her coach calls it inspiration.

“She is probably one of the best athletes on this team,” said varsity head coach Chelsea Bressingham. “She’s a team leader. She’s a captain. She actually helps everyone else. She never leaves anything in her way.”

And she won’t. McEvoy said he would like to attend Harvard after graduation and plans to continue cheering.

“It definitely taught me self-discipline and shooting for the stars,” he said. “You never know what will happen when you try something new and you might like it. I happened to love cheerleaders.”

As for others in similar situations, McEvoy said he is not afraid of being seen, adding that people with disabilities can achieve the same successes as people without.


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