Mike Bolsinger: Former MLB pitcher sues Houston Astros saying team steal has interrupted his career

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Bolsinger, who proposed Toronto Blue Jays, is now suing astros their scheme for stealing signs this is why his career was interrupted after an August 2017 game in which he gave up four games against Astros.
Earlier this year, it was found that the Astros illegally created a system who decoded and communicated the launch signals of the opposing teams during the 2017 championship season.

The lawsuit filed Monday indicates that Bolsinger is seeking two forms of harm. The first is a consequent and general damage that Bolsinger claims to have suffered and continues to suffer from Astros “which interferes and damages his career,” says the cause.

The second form of damage includes returning in the form of Astros which returns their post-season bonuses from winning the 2017 World Series. The bonuses amount to about $ 31 million and Bolsinger wants the money to go to “charitable causes focused on improving children’s lives” in Los Angeles and a fund for retired senior and professional baseball players in need of financial assistance.

Bolsinger has given up on four races against Astros

Bolsinger was the initial pitcher a the University of Arkansas for three years before I was written by the Arizona Diamondbacks In 2010.

He was therefore an initial pitcher in the minor leagues for four years, the lawsuit said.

After being called several times by minors to the major leagues and playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Bolsinger was swapped with the Blue Jays of Toronto, where he became a rescue pitcher.

Bolsinger was called during the Blue Jays game against the Astros on August 4, 2017, after his team’s previous pitchers had given up on several heats, says the lawsuit. He gave up four runs during the launch and “was immediately interrupted and cut by the team to never return to Major League Baseball”.

The truth behind the baseball sign that steals the legend
The Blue Jays eventually lost to Astros 16-7.

“For a MLB pitcher journalist like the plaintiff, a disastrous inning, like the one that happened in Houston on August 4, could and turned out to be the deadly bell of the plaintiff’s MLB career,” the lawsuit said.

“Because of the innings against the Houston Astros, plaintiff Bolsinger was no longer seen as a rescue pitcher who could be trusted in this role and was not picked up by the Blue Jays for the following year.”

Bolsinger continued to play baseball in Japan, claims the cause, where he was considered one of the best pitchers in 2018.

CNN’s David Close and Wayne Sterling contributed to this report.


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