PUBG presents Team Deathmatch mode

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The most popular online game, Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has introduced Team Deathmatch mode for patch 6.2.

According to reports, the most anticipated Team Deathmatch mode is now available on the PUBG test server.

In a statement, the PUBG development team said there are times when some changes are needed. Patch 6.2 adds Arcade, a new game section that offers game modes separate from the core battle royale experience.

The first one is Team Deathmatch, available in 8v8 configurations on seven different custom maps.

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TDM is available only in the first person and comes with a typical set of rules, from re-spawning to health regeneration, reported VG 24/7.

The PUBG version presents its own mechanics:

The Boost Gauge: This bar is filled when scoring assassinations and assists, and is depleted upon taking damage. Filling the “Boost Gauge” is necessary to start regenerating health, to encourage players to remain in action.

In the future: Arcade will regularly rotate new game modes in and out, although none of these have been revealed.

As for the maps, they are based on the existing maps of PUBG Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar, although obviously they are reduced to much smaller sands.



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