Roger Stone makes another request for a new trial after a tumultuous week

Federal judge Amy Berman Jackson acknowledged that former adviser to President Donald Trump has asked for a new trial again and that the justice department has not yet responded to the request. More details on his application are not yet available and the related courts are still under seal.

Earlier, Jackson had refused to grant Stone a new trial following his claim that an IRS lawyer who had read about his case could not be an impartial juror.

Since then, Stone’s team has contested the foreman of his jury by declaring publicly he supported the four prosecutors who recommended a seven to nine year sentence, and then left the case when the Justice Department downgraded that request.

All jurors in the Stone case were checked for potential bias by the judge, Stone’s defense team and prosecutors before the trial began.

Jackson is slated to convict Stone on Thursday.

This is a revolutionary story and will be updated.


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