The redesigned map of United States high school students features Ohio 2, Long Texas and no Wyoming

Enter Anna Calcaterra, the 16-year-old daughter of NBC Sports reporter Craig Calcaterra and, apparently, a aspiring cartographer.

At first glance, it seems almost normal: there is the familiar prominence of Florida, the Great Lakes, Mexico and South America.

But look again.

Texas it’s too long. Idaho is too. Why? Do not ask.

Alaska has been cleared as if it had sunk into the sea. And don’t expect to see Wyoming here – Anna doesn’t believe the state is real.

The teenager devastated the western hemisphere in an inspired and existentially shocking map, which has since illuminated and angered hundreds of thousands of Twitter users, inspiring at least two separate Twitter trends.

She told CNN that she was inspired by people who had previously attempted to label the United States and “failed miserably”.

Look now, what it was the Florida Panhandle as it crosses the Gulf coasts that once belonged to Alabama and Louisiana. The proposal? To start a second civil war and force Florida to secede. Natch.
And if you’ve ever visited Ohio and liked it so much that you wished there had been a second Ohio to find out, Anna heard you. The Four Corners, once known to have been where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah met, has been replaced by an Ohio 2.

Anna refused to elaborate on the purpose of a second Ohio when requested by CNN. “Anyone really want to know more about Ohio 2? Nobody even wants to know Ohio 1,” he said.

The sparse state of Wyoming is also missing from this map. Despite being home to the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park, Anna doubts that it is real.

“Nothing against Wyoming simply doesn’t exist,” he said. “Having it on the map is like putting Hogwarts or something.”

But oh, we don’t even touched the rest of the Americas. Anna is really starting international wars, so the lean strip of South America that was Chile is now “long Chile” and extends to the west coast.

In Anna’s twisted world, the Chilean-American war that results from Chile which effectively steals the Pacific Ocean is the catalyst for the third world war.

Why the whole war? Anna didn’t say. But let’s hope Ohio 2 is spared.


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