Teenage student drowns in the river while taking selfie

MUZAFFARABAD: In search of a great selfie, a 19-year-old student drowned in the Poonch River in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, ARY News reported.

According to the details, the teenage student, Hamid Raza, fell into the river while trying to take a selfie at the edge of the river in the Kotli district of AJK.

Police said Hamid Raza was trying to take a selfie by the river when he slipped and fell.

The rescue divers recovered his body from the river and transferred him to the hospital to carry out the medical-legal procedures.

The sources said the deceased was a B.A. at a local university

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Last year, on November 15, a French tourist died after falling from a waterfall while trying to take a selfie in Thailand, police said.

The accident had occurred on the tropical island of Koh Samui, whose beaches lined with palm trees and white sand were a magnet for both backpackers and high-level tourists.

The 33-year-old man had fallen from the Na Mueang 2 waterfall, the same place where a Spanish tourist had died in a fall in July, Lt. Phuvadol Viriyavarangkul of the island’s tourist police told AFP.

“It took several hours to recover his body because the waterfall is slippery and steep,” he had said by telephone, adding that the place was cordoned off and there was a sign that warns tourists of danger.



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