“Saturday Night Live” compares Democratic presidential candidates to J. Lo and Shakira in a cold opening

“Senator Warren isn’t the only reasonable candidate in front of you, you’re looking at the other half of the New York Times support,” said guest star Rachel Dratch’s Amy Klobuchar, referring to the recent approval of the document of both candidates.

Guests Larry David also returned on Saturday as Bernie Sanders, Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden and Bowen Yang as Andrew Yang.

Yang also added that to win the black vote, he would continue to do what he has done since high school: give “them” $ 1,000.

Buttigieg, played by Colin Jost, said “ah man” when asked about the black vote and then referred to the voters who called him “Mayo Pete”.

“I’m not that spicy,” said Jost’s Buttigieg.

SNL was hosted by RuPaul, with a mustachioed Justin Bieber as a musical guest.


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