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How to fix the user profile error in the latest Windows 10 patch

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Here we go again: TThe latest Windows 10 patch, KB4532693, I could catch you with an annoying mistake. Some Windows users who have installed it have reported that their Windows user profile, and all the data and applications it contains, were not loaded when they logged in in.

It is alarming that suddenly your data is missing and that all the settings of your operating system are predetermined without notice, but the good news is that the mistakes do not Deleting your profile or your data.

Instead, Windows renamed its normal user profile folder, then created and loaded a temporary user profile when its PC started. The original profile, but renamed, must still be visible when opening C:> Users and looking for a renowned file that ends with “.ooo” or “.bak”. Your profile is inaccessible in this way, but there are ways to recover it.

Reddit users have reported that restarting Windows several times has fixed the error, but there is no agreement on how many reboots are necessary, or why it works (or if it really is what is fixing the error). The most consistent option is to simply uninstall the update until Microsoft fixes everything.

  1. Open the Windows 10 Start menu and click on the Gear-shaped Settings icon.
  2. In the Settings window, go to Update and security> View update history> Uninstall updates.
  3. Using the search box, search “Windows 10 autopilot update KB4532441”.
  4. Highlight the update and then click on the “Uninstall” button at the top of the list.
  5. Click “Yes”.
  6. Wait for the uninstall to complete and restart your PC if necessary.

We have a longer guide for uninstall windows updates If you need more help. It might also be worth marking that guide for when the next Windows update error inevitably arises.

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