A 104-year-old veteran who asked for Valentine’s Day cards has thousands of them and they are still coming

They never did.

“The walls are covered in them,” Oaks’ executive director at Inglewood, Diane Wright, told CNN. “We put them in the library, in the living room, in the multimedia room, in the activity room and in an empty apartment.”

Wright has estimated that he has received “over 300,000 cards” in recent weeks and says they are still coming.

Guinness World Records was called in to make an official count to see if there were any records.

Everyone also has personal messages, he said. Community members joined together to read all the letters aloud, one after the other.

Military support

Mag. White has had a life full of beautiful and unforgettable experiences. He served for 30 years in active service and earned a purple heart to survive the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945, a battle between the American marines and the imperial army of Japan that killed nearly 7,000 American marines and over 20,000 Japanese fighters. .

He collected items and photos from events and filled them into albums that sit on a shelf organized by year. It has become his thing.

Mag. Bill White sitting with other vets on Valentine's Day.

And when Valentine’s Day postcards began to arrive, he noticed that many were of military families.

“He was very touched by the military support of everything,” Wright said.

Mag. White albums to keep him busy, but with all the papers left to read, he won’t have a problem staying busy for quite some time.


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