NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Aaron Gordon jumped on a man over 7 feet tall and still lost


After five rounds of NBA stars jump on rappers and doing unnatural aerobatics, it all came to Miami Heat’s Derrick Jones Jr. and Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon.
Gordon had received a perfect score from each of the five judges in all previous rounds. Jones had some fantastic dunks, and he also scored a perfect 50 in the final round, leading to the crushing of the tie.

In Gordon’s last attempt, which was not foreseen, Tacko Fall jumped onto the center of Boston Celtics, which is 7 feet 5 inches tall. Gordon is 6 feet 8 inches.

Tacko said to ESPN Journalist after the dunk that was “scared for his life”.
Jones’ final slam was an anthem to Michael Jordan, which delivered one of the competition’s most memorable moments in 1988, when he crushed after flying from the free throw line. Jones took off about half a step closer to the target than Jordan.

The judges gave Dunk 48 Jones points and 47 Gordon, crowning Jones the overall winner.

Gordon told reporters after the contest that he will no longer be competing with the Slam Dunk competition. He also lost in 2016 against Zach LaVine.

“It’s a wrap, brother, it’s a wrap,” said Gordon. “I feel like I have two trophies. It’s over for that. My next goal is to try and win the three-point race.”

Even during the contest, The Lakers waited for Dwight Howard to honor Kobe Bryant wearing a Superman shirt with the number 24 in the center of the chest. He also crushed with a ball signed by Bryant.


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