EOBI presents new facilities for pensioners

ISLAMABAD: The Employee Old Age Benefit Institution (EOBI) has made complete records of its online pensioners, which would facilitate access to information and full funds, ARY News reported Sunday.

After completing the digitization of the records, all pensioners could obtain information about their pensions and other details after entering their EOBI registration number or national computerized identity card (CNIC).

The special assistant to Pakistan’s prime minister abroad, Zulfiqar Bukhari, praised EOBI for facilitating pensioners by introducing a new facility. He said the previous government had destroyed national institutions through corruption, while the current government is empowering institutions, including EOBI.

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In December last year, SAPM in the development of human and Pakistani resources abroad, Zulfiqar Bukhari, had announced an increase of Rs2000 in terms of pensions for people registered with the Institution of Old Age Benefits for Employees (EOBI).

Zulfiqar Bukhari, while addressing an event, made the announcement to raise the pension money from Rs6500 to Rs8500 from EOBI pensioners.

Pensioners will receive a pension of Rs8500 from next year, Bukhari said, adding that it will increase to Rs15,000 after the completion of the EOBI project next year.

The special assistant said there are different pending cases in court regarding the 18 EOBI projects. He explained that the government is willing to use government buildings under the custody of different institutions.



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