It is so cold in the Midwest that thousands of ice balls have formed on Lake Michigan

Ice balls, that is.

Thousands of them washed up on the frozen shore of Lake Michigan on Friday.

The staff posted the natural curiosity about the park Facebook page.
“We went to the beach to check things out and saw these big ice balls,” park supervisor Sean Mulligan said at Detroit Free Press. “I had heard of it before, but I had never seen them.”

Ice balls, ranging from baseball size to large yoga balls, covered the shores of Lake Michigan, Mulligan said.

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Ice spheres are formed when turbulent water near the shore breaks a muddy ice layer, according to CNN Weather.
The National Meteorological Service in Grand Rapids he said on Friday that “it was finally cold enough” to form the ice balls on Lake Michigan. A brutal Arctic explosion in the Midwest triggered the phenomenon.

Although ice balls occur every winter, they usually form at the beginning of the season. Due to this year’s unusually hot weather, the ice balls were late for the party.

Ice balls attract a lot of attention from local residents. But I’m not a joke.

“Seriously, if you’re going out to see the ice balls, please dress well and watch out for snow-covered debris,” the park staff said on Facebook.


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