Unregistered case says brother of murdered journalist

KARACHI: The brother of murdered journalist Naushehro Feroze, Aziz Memon, who was reported dead on Sunday says he does not meet the requirements as he struggles to register a case against those who took his brother’s life, ARY News reported.

Munir Memon, brother of the murdered Aziz Memon, said local police have so far failed to register a case about the event after two days since the alleged murder occurred.

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Munir Memon says that the matter was being repressed and that powerful people want investigations to never take place and that the perpetrators remain safe.

The brother also revealed that the unconditional of the Popular Party of Pakistan (PPP), Saeed Ghani, had assured him that a case will be registered and that an exhaustive investigation will do the same, but since then nothing has been done.

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He also says that the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Police told him that the matter was of a “technical” nature and that it required more time to initiate a formal case and an investigation.

Yesterday, Federal Minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, asked the President of Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Gulzar Ahmed, to take note of the murder of journalist Aziz Memon.

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On Twitter, Fawad Chaudhry said that Sindhi journalist Aziz Memon was killed, accused the ruling party of the province in a video and even came to Islamabad to report on the PPP death threats, Chaudhry said.

He asked CJ SC to take note and initiate an investigation by a federal agency about the murder.



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