Elon Musk disagrees with Bill Gates after revealing that he has purchased an electric Porsche

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, Musk dissed Gates after the founder of Microsoft mentioned in a recent interview that he had purchased an electrical system. Porsche Taycan, rather than a Tesla.
In the interview with Marques Brownlee on YouTube, Gates has offered much praise for electric vehicles and for Tesla (TSLA). “Passenger cars are actually one of the most promising [sectors]”When it comes to making the changes needed to reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate change,” he said.

“Certainly Tesla, if I were to name a company that helped drive it, it’s them,” he said.

And he said he is enjoying his new electric Porsche.

“I have to say it is a car with an exceptional price, it is very beautiful. It is my first electric car and I have a lot of fun,” he said.

Gates said he believes that the price premium between gasoline and electric vehicles will disappear in the next 10 years and that in that case, not much will prevent people from buying electric vehicles.

But he said that a problem that prevents some buyers from switching to electricity is the more limited range for electric vehicles. Although a charging station is available, it takes longer to charge an electric vehicle than to fill a gas tank.

“The amount of energy coming in per minute to fill the gas tank is a little mind-blowing. Gasoline is a very dense energy,” he said.

Musk, however, praised Bill Gates’ chair jumping skills.


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