Teenagers honored for saving a woman from her burning car

Teens were given the Heroic Bravery Award at a meeting in Lehman Township.

LEHMAN, Pa. – Jennifer Scott was waiting to thank those who saved her life in December.

The teenagers who rescued her received the Heroic Bravery Award during a supervisor meeting in Lehman Township.

“I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful to be here, that I’m alive even though I shouldn’t be,” said Scott, a Pittston resident.

Scott crashed into a tree in Lehman Township on December 28, along Route 29, and his car moved.

A group of ten people, including teenagers, stopped when they saw that his car was on fire; but Scott was trapped.

“I just couldn’t get out of the car. I didn’t make enough sense to get out of the car. I was trying to open the doors, but I couldn’t get out of the car,” he explained.

The door was cracked and the teens, including Larksville’s Kaitlyn Witter, went out of their way to get her out.

“After kicking and punching the windows, nothing worked. So I remembered that there is an ax in the car. Let’s go get the ax,” explained Witter. “They ran away, grabbed the hatchet and thank God it worked because we pulled it out in time.”

“I jumped out, wrapped my arms around someone’s shoulders, pulled me out, and as soon as my feet hit the ground that the car hissed in the flames,” Scott recalled.

“The car went up and we all felt the heat of the flames, and in fact we all immersed ourselves behind our cars because we started to feel explosions, debris and the whole flight,” added Jacob Monko of Lehman Township.

Scott was able to thank the teenagers who saved her with prizes during the meeting.

Dakota Ford of Larksville said that it is very rare for people to be able to help others as they have done.

“It’s only once in a while that you can help someone this way,” said Ford. “They actually go home to their family and have a Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, all with their family.”

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