TikTok’s trick on the moving train is going terribly wrong

NEW DELHI: Fortunately, a child escaped being crushed under a moving train while filming a video of TikTok in India.

The video shows a boy trying to disembark from a moving train while recording a TikTok video but loses his balance and almost squashes under the train. However, fortunately he survived the fall of the train and moved away from the tracks.

After the incident on Tuesday, Indian Railways, which addressed Twitter, issued a warning against boarding and disembarking a moving train.

It is read that the boy was lucky to survive the fall this time, but he cannot say that he is lucky for the second time.

The tweet asked people to avoid such stunts by themselves and also stop others from making such attempts. He added that life is invaluable and should not be in danger by a trick.

In early January, a teenager had lost his life after a revolver accidentally exploded while filming a video of TikTok in the village of Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to reports, an 18-year-old boy, Keshav, had pressured his mother Savitri to give him the revolver for producing a clip for the TikTok social video application, which the family didn’t know was loaded.

Savitri found his son lying in a pool of blood after she ran to the scene when he heard the sound of the shot, police said.

Savitri had gone out to take care of some household chores when he heard the sound of a shot and ran in to find Keshav lying in a pool of blood, the police officer added.

The boy was rushed to the hospital with wounds in his temple, where doctors declared him dead.




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