Vases of preserved human languages ​​found under the home of Gainesville in the northwest may have come from research

We spoke to Mary Baughman and her ex-husband, Dr. Ronald Baughman. Both claim that the languages ​​found were nothing more than a research project many years ago.

Dr. Ronald Baughman was a world-renowned pathologist, researcher and emeritus professor at the University of Florida.

He had obtained the specimens during his research when he was in the early 60s and 70s and had brought the specimens with him when he came to Florida to work at the University of Florida with the intention of using them in further research.

Baughman claims to have kept the tongues in the crawl space of the house because it was a cool area to store them. Both Baughman and his ex-wife Mary, the owner of the house, claim to have completely forgotten that they are even under the house.

Some specimens date back to the 1960s, when research laws and regulations may have been different.

UF spokesman Steve Orlando says, “I don’t know what policies and laws would have been like 50 years ago or when it was, but I can tell you that today is not something that would be allowed. There are very strict federal and state laws and university policies. that prohibit it. It would be neither appropriate nor legal for a faculty member or researcher to bring something like that home. “

Police also say that this type of thing is not uncommon in Gainesville with the University of Florida and 3 local hospitals.

Police also say there appears to be no criminal activity associated with languages, but investigations are still ongoing.

Jorge Campos, UF spokesman, says “We have no indication that they were trying to hide something or be misleading about something. They were promoted by the getgo. That’s why in our preliminary investigation we don’t do it I think we have something criminal, we just have to verify everything. “


Gainesville police are studying cans of preserved human languages ​​found in the space of a house in northwest Gainesville, in the Brywood neighborhood, off NW 16th Avenue.

The remains were discovered during an inspection of the foundation of the house. The house was previously owned by Dr. Ronald A. Baughman, a former University of Florida researcher and current emeritus professor who published studies in the 70s and 80s.

GPD tells TV20 that they are examining the possibility that preserved languages ​​are related to the work that Dr. Baughman may have brought home and stored under the floorboards of the house. Some vases date back to the 1960s.


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