Mobile phones, watches bathed in wedding guests in Sialkot

SIALKOT: The guests have been received in the middle of mobile phone showers and watches, in addition to receiving expensive gifts at a unique wedding ceremony held in a suburban town in the city of Sialkot of Punjab, ARY News reported Friday.

A video went viral on social media platforms where family and family members showered with mobile phones and watches at a wedding ceremony organized in a suburban town of Sambrial Tehsil.

Members of the bride’s family have also given a set of unique gifts in dowry that include six motorcycles, a pair of camels, cows, buffalo, sheep, chickens, rabbits, dogs and ducks.

In addition, wedding guests were also rewarded with other gifts, such as the Holy Quran, 350 dresses and prayer mats on the side of the bride.

Early in the day, a deputy police superintendent (DSP) faced problems after organizing a luxurious wedding reception for his son in Sindh, which was also attended by the Additional Inspector General (AIG).

The DSP received a statement of declaration of assets from the AIG after attending the event. The AIG has claimed that a DSP rank police officer earns 1.5 lac per month in salary, the reception was too expensive for a government employee.

The notice has asked the DSP in question to present details of its assets within seven days of receipt. The notification also states that in case of non-compliance by the party, the matter will be sent to the National Responsibility Office (NAB) for a thorough investigation.





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