The police officer proposes with the help of his brothers in blue

The groom is a West Pittson police officer but lives in Exeter. He started planning this patrol car proposal a week ago.

EXETER, Pa. – Police lights are turned on Wednesday night as patrol cars from Exeter, West Wyoming, Pittston and West Pittston surrounded an Exeter home with a spotlight on.

“I thought someone had thrown a stop sign or there had been an accident, I didn’t know what to think,” said neighbor Shirley Micnicoski.

However, by observing the neighbors, the purpose of the visit became clearer.

“Oh my God, yes,” exclaimed Stevi Nayavich with a smile from ear to ear.

West Pittston police officer Joe DeMark proposed to Nayavich. The happy couple has been dating for seven years. His two-year-old son Joey Jr. loves the police lights. DeMark thought it would be a good idea to surprise both of them.

“Before I knew it and I knew it, he was on his knees and I was like oh my god, it’s really happening now,” said Nayavich.

DeMark has been a full-time police officer in the West Pittston Police Department for about four years. When he asked the neighboring departments for help with the proposal, the agents were more than helpful.

“Not one of them hesitated to say no, they are absolutely like. Let me know where you want it to be, at what time, and we will be there, and we are both very, very grateful for that,” said DeMark.

“I was like, wow, it’s great to see how many people love us and only care about the city and us and are happy for us, it’s amazing,” said Nayavich.

The spouses have not yet fixed a wedding date, but they think that next year’s summer sounds good.

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