Coronavirus spreads in prisons in China

BEIJING / SEOUL: The coronavirus has infected hundreds of people in Chinese prisons, authorities said, as cases increased outside the epicenter in Hubei province, including 100 more in South Korea and an increasingly serious outbreak in Italy, where officials announced the country’s first death.

A total of 234 infections among Chinese prisoners outside Hubei ended 16 consecutive days of declines in cases in the new continent. Another 271 cases were reported in Hubei prisons, where the virus first appeared in December in its now closed capital, Wuhan.

US stocks were sold and the Nasdaq had its worst daily percentage drop in approximately three weeks on Friday, as the increase in new cases of coronavirus and data showing a stagnation in US commercial activity in February fueled fears of investors about economic growth.

China has reported a total of 75,567 cases of the virus to the World Health Organization (WHO), including 2,239 deaths. In the last 24 hours, China reported 892 new confirmed cases and 118 deaths.

The purchasing managers index of the IHS Markit flash services sector has fallen to its lowest level since October 2013, indicating that a sector representing approximately two thirds of the US economy. UU. I was in contraction for the first time since 2016.

The data also showed that Japan’s manufacturing activity suffered its biggest contraction in seven years in February, which underscores the risk of a recession there as the impact of the outbreak extends. Asian and European stocks also fell.

WHO warned that the window of opportunity to contain the international spread of the epidemic was closing after cases were reported in Iran and Lebanon.

The virus has emerged in 26 countries and territories outside of mainland China, killing 11 people, according to a Reuters count.


The increase in cases in prisons in northern Shandong and Zhejiang province in the east accounted for the majority of the 258 Chinese infections recently confirmed outside Hubei province on Friday.

Authorities said officials deemed responsible for the outbreaks had been dismissed and that the government had sent a team to investigate the Shandong outbreak, media reported.

Hubei, added to the confusion in the notification of cases, doubled the number of new cases initially reported on Wednesday to 775 of 349. The lowest number was the result of re-counting only the cases confirmed with genetic tests, instead of include those detected by the chest scans

South Korea is the last hot spot with 100 new cases that double its total to 204, mostly in Daegu, a city of 2.5 million, where scores were infected in what authorities called a “super extended event” in a church, tracked an infected 61-year-old woman who attended services.

South Korean officials designated Daegu and neighboring Cheongdo County as special care areas where additional medical personnel and isolation facilities will be deployed. The city’s shopping centers, restaurants and streets were largely empty, and the mayor called the outbreak “unprecedented crisis.”





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