Reference of the law against justice Seth: Farogh Naseem


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Law Minister Prabhu Naseem says that former President Pervez Musharraf is preparing a reference against Judge Waqar Ahmed Seth, who is convicted.

Several NGOs have filed a petition in the High Court of Islamabad to present a reference against Judge Waqar Ahmed Seth, who speaks out against former (retired) general president Pervez Musharraf.

Federal Minister of Law Prabhu Nassim Independent Urdu Speaking exclusively with the Prime Minister, he said the law ministry investigation team is working and reference is being made against Judge Waqar Ahmed Seth.

In response to the question that even after two months, the reference has not been submitted, why has the government not withdrawn the decision? ”On this, Prasad Nasim said that so far the government has no intention of presenting the reference. The decision has not been withdrawn, nor has anything been said to the Ministry of Law, so far, it is decided that a reference will be filed.

The Pakistan Bar Association requests the removal of Prabhu Naseem from the post of Federal Minister of Law. When asked about this, Prasad Naseem replied that he had been the lawyer of Pervez Musharraf and that he had also been the lawyer of the Chief of the General Army Qamar Javed Bajwa recently, for which he was declared undemocratic.

The Federal Minister also said that nobody who is a person who respects the law does such a thing; Each lawyer has the right to fight the case and get a discount for his client. Frogh Naseem smiled and said that Pakistan is a brother of the Bar Council, said the conversation was over.

Judge Waqar Ahmed Seth, who headed a special tribunal formed to process article 6 against former (retired) general president Pervez Musharraf, sentenced Musharraf to death only in a case of serious treason on December 17 of last year. Instead, paragraph 66 of the ruling states that we instruct law enforcement agencies to do everything possible to stop the perpetrator and ensure that they are punished in accordance with the law.

Judge Waqar Seth also wrote that if Pervez Musharraf died, his body should be dragged to D Chowk in Islamabad and hanged for three days.

The verdict also came from a Pakistani spokesman for using harsh language in the verdict, in which he said that General (retired) Pervez Musharraf could not be a traitor in any way and that the decision of the special court was against the Pakistan army . I have severe pain and anxiety.

In reaction to the government’s announcement to submit a reference against Judge Waqar Sheikh, vice president of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), Abid Saqi said that the federal government had submitted a reference against the president of the Supreme Court of Peshawar. Avoid

According to the report, on February 22, three Karachi NGOs filed a petition in the Superior Court of Islamabad through Attorney Mazharul Haq Hashmi, who was appointed secretary of the Cabinet Division, Secretary of Law and Justice and PEMRA.

The petition took the position that the federal government in its statement did not present a reference against the President of the Supreme Court of Peshawar, so the government should be directed to submit a reference against Judge Waqar Seth in his statement. In the case of treason by Pervez Musharraf, paragraphs 65, 66 and 67 were also declared as violations of the Code of Conduct.


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