The federal cabinet today discusses political and financial matters in the federal cabinet

An important federal cabinet meeting will be chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday.

At today’s meeting, the country’s political and economic situation will be reviewed, the federal cabinet will consider the 11-point agenda.

In accordance with the agenda of the meeting, the cabinet will be informed about the mechanism of the electricity bills, and the inclusion of parliamentarians in the sensations program will also be reported. Will be

The cabinet will also approve the resignations and new appointments of members of the audit board and site, while the federal cabinet will approve the start-up of the National Security Division. The agenda to approve the appointment of the vacant position of the Indus Water Commissioner is on the agenda.

The Cabinet will be informed about the National Education Plan 2020. The appointment of a special court for the drug court and the construction of multi-storey buildings are also on the agenda.

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