Despite government anti-corruption measures, the corruption market is hot, a scandal of millions of corruption has emerged in the state bank.

Islamabad: The corruption scandal of more than 40 million rupees has emerged in the National Bank of Pakistan. The scandal has arisen at two branches in the Abbottabad region, including the Khanspur Ayubia branch and the Khairgali branch. According to the available documents, the amount of money from the bank manager and the cashier’s guarantee were withdrawn.
The research team, known for investigating the microscope, revealed that there was no connectivity and systems in the bank for inspection at the Khair Gul branch. In addition to the bank teller

He also expressed ignorance regarding any type of microscope. The report indicates that the bank account balance increased steadily after December 31, 2019. No boxes or coupons were offered for research in this regard. The report also added that the amount of microscope amounted to Rs. 24.54 million, 27,700 rupees. As a result of the report of this branch, it is claimed that the manager of this branch together with the manager of the branch of Ayubia Gully secretly made a large amount of money by illegally registering at the branches of others. On the other hand, a report presented by Khanspur, Ayubia branch, revealed that no mention was made in the branch’s cash book during the last two months. It has also been said that the cash balance of the branch increased dramatically after October 2019. In addition, payments were made without any control on behalf of the two citizens. The amount of microscope in this branch is Rs. 14.33 million rupees.



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