NAB decides to submit two corruption references, approves 5 investigations and 5 consultations;


The Executive Board of the National Responsibility Office (NAB) of Islam Aba (NAB) has approved 5 consultations and 5 consultations for the presentation of corruption documents. The Executive Board meeting was held at the NAB headquarters in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Jana Javed Iqbal, president of the National Responsibility Office, which was attended by NAB Vice President, Attorney General Akawa Ntabalib NAB, DG Operation NAB and other senior officials.
The long-term policy of the NAB is to provide details about the meeting of the Executive Board of the National Office of Responsibility to the public, which has been practiced in recent years, directed to the heart of anyone.

It is not free All inquiries and investigations have been initiated on the basis of alleged complaints that are not final. According to the NAB Law, all interested parties also decide whether or not they will take additional measures after discovering their position. At the meeting of the Executive Board of the National Responsibility Office, Mohammad Adel Siddiqui, former Minister of Labor, Transportation , Government of Commerce. Sindh, Mahmood Ahmed Former CEO Sindh Small Industries Corporation, Mohammad Rafiq Former Regional Director Hyderabad Indus Small Industries Corporation, Syed Aidad Ali Shah Former Regional Director Sindh Small Industries Corporation, Ghulam Nabi Meharp Industries Md. Director Sindh Small Industries Corporation, Robo Nabi Kalhodar , former regional director Sindh Small Industries Corporation Larkana, Syed Khadim Hussain former general manager Sindh Small Industries Corporation Larkana, Omar Bakhsh Soomro former regional director Sindh Small Industries Corporation Larkana, Fazal Qadar, Mohamed Eltas Mohd, Mohamed Eltam, Mohamed Elmtar Mohammad A Nazim, Mohammad Salee Irfan Alam, Sajjan Mal, Syed Shah Zahid Qadri, Liaquat Ali Sheikh, Tariq Hussain Magsi were allowed to submit a reference for corruption.
The culprits are accused of misusing their powers and ignoring the rules and regulations governing public lands, which resulted in the loss of Rs. 203, 0390, 70 to the national treasury. The executive board meeting approves the presentation of a defamation reference against Ghulam Mustafa Falal, former Secretary of Land Use, Syed Ghulam Nabi Shah, former Sindh government secretary, Syed Farrukh Matin, owner of M / s Zeeshan Builders Karachi, and others. ۔
The defendants have been accused of illegally abusing their powers and irregularities on public lands, regardless of the rules and regulations, which caused a loss of Rs 300 million for the national treasury. Investigation of the executive account of the National Office of Responsibility 5 Approved. These include Officers / Board of Revenue of Sindh Officers and others, M / s. Sugar Mills Karachi and others, Owners / Builders Education City / Valley Nayar Jamshoro, Officers and staff of the Jamshoro Department of Revenue,
Includes approval of Investigations against Nawab Sardar Ghaibi Khan Chandio Former Deputy of the Sindh Provincial Assembly, the Official Sindh Government Revenue Board and others. 5 consultations were approved at the Executive Board meeting of the National Office of Accountability . Dr. Mukhtar Former Director General of Health, Dr. Akhtar Rashid Additional Director Operator, Integrated Reproductive Materials Newborn and Child Health, Officials and Officers of the Department of Primary and Secondary Care, Government Printing
And others and the Land Committee of the Government of Sindh, the Sindh Officers of the Department of Land Use, the General Director of Railways of Ghulam Muhammad Qureshi and others, the Employees of Rawalpindi Railways for the management of the Operating Society of Housing and others, the Government of Sindh and the Government of India. Consultations against: Zahid Muzaffar Former Chairman of the OGDCL Board, Mohammed Rafi Former MDOGDCL Board, Zahid Mir Former MoGDCL investigation at the Executive Board meeting of the National Responsibility Office Navigation is approved to link to an already open inventory .
Meeting of the Executive Board of the National Office of Responsibility approved to send an investigation of the Punjab anti-corruption department against the management, officials and staff of Quaid-e-Azam Hydel Power Company Limited. At the meeting of the Executive Board of the National Office of Responsibility, Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power Company Against the administration, officials and staff of the Limited, Sustainable Environment and Development Foundation and the administration of Haidabad, others, Feroz P Bhandara, Shernaz Feroz Bhandara and others, Pak International Medical College Administration of Peshawar and others, Sec. Company Tikal Peshawar and others It has been allowed to legally close the investigations so far without evidence.
NAB Justice president Javed Iqbal said that NAB believes in a corruption-free Pakistan. NAB believes in not bringing the case to a logical end within the scope of the law. NAB exports corruption from the country and recovers money from corrupt elements. In addition to reaching the logical end of the white-collar cases of mega corruption and the withdrawal of public spoils from large-scale counterfeit cooperative / housing societies, it is a top priority. President NAB said that corruption is the root of all the evils that need surgery time to eradicate it. NAB has submitted references to corruption in respected courts of responsibility in 610 cases in the last two years. Under the policy of responsibility for the leadership of Javed Iqbal, in the last two years, Rs. He said NAB’s performance was applauded by credible national and international organizations, especially in the recent report of the World Economic Forum, NAB’s awareness and remediation policy.
Which is an honor for the NAB. He said that 1275 corruption references are currently heard in the prestigious accountability courts worth approximately Rs 943 billion. President NAB said the public should identify and regulate their role in a timely manner to avoid the growing number of illegal housing societies. News and electronic ink media also have some essential things to do before announcing the advertising campaign for housing societies. I would like to review the presence of the Housing Society on the ground, including the approval of the design plan and the NOC, as some housing societies are reportedly only available on paper and have not yet been approved by the corresponding regulator, although they are an attractive advertisement. Through the campaign, people will earn a lifetime income. Cause becomes. The President of the NAB ordered all NAB Directors General to investigate complaints, inquiries and consultations within a stipulated time to reach a logical conclusion under the law and all investigative officers and prosecutors were fully prepared, solid evidence and respected according to the law. Follow NAB cases in court so that corrupt elements can be prosecuted in accordance with the law.



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