Pak’s army is ready anyway if India dared – DGISPR –

Rawalpindi: DG ISPR Maj. Gen. Babar Raft Khawari declared Thanksgiving and Qayum determination on February 27, saying that we are attentive to all defense preparations in India, India has no courage, Pak’s army is ready in every way, Not an inch of Pakistan. Will come

According to the details, DGISPR Major General Babraftkhar gave a press conference saying: “Congratulations to all of you on February 27, the purpose of the press conference is to commemorate February 27 and present an overview of the completion of the three years of Rudolf Sad.

27 February 2019 day

The DGISPR said that the Pak Bharat War had been null and void on February 27, 2019. After the Pigeon incident, India made unfounded accusations, but Pakistan offered all cooperation as a responsible state, on the night of February 25 and 26 . India launched a failed and cowardly operation, the surplus the enemy was trying to give us, the enemy himself could not return, two enemy fighter planes were killed and the Indian pilot arrested.

Major General Babar Raftkhar said that February 27 is a brilliant chapter in our history. A year ago today, Pakistan’s forces showed the needs of the nation. From 1947 until now, martyrs who have offered life sacrifices greet the survivors. The tributes pay tribute to the courage of all the Ghadis, today is Thanksgiving Day and also a day of commitment, we extend greetings to all mothers, sisters, daughters and martyrs.

He said that honor and dignity have no value. We are aware of the conspiracy of our enemy, wars are fought by patriotism and the power of the people. The armed forces are always ready to defend against any threat.

DGISPR said that Pakistan is very aware of the game that India is playing to divert attention from internal chaos, Indian provocation is a serious threat to the region’s peace and India’s behavior is a serious threat to peace in the region.

Indian Provocations in LOC

Major General Babraftkhar said there are threats from the eastern border of India at this time, the Indian army cannot afford to attack innocent children in LOC. So far this year, there have been 384 seizure violations, 2 innocent civilians and 30 civilian victims.

He said that in the past 17 years, the highest number of victims was recorded in 2018; The Pakistan Army is a responsible and professional force. The civil and military leadership of India is taking useless statements seriously. Pak’s army will respond aggressively to the LOC.

Occupied Kashmir is the center of global attention

The DGISPR said that an international forum on occupied Kashmir is a civilized dispute, although it bothers us and responds well, that the Indian army turns innocent and unarmed civilians into the control line, India further exacerbated the problem with illegal actions in 2019.

Major General Babar Raftkhar said that the occupation of Kashmir in 207 days has been an abomination of oppression for 73 years. Now, this problem is no longer an ideological and geographical dispute between Pakistan, India and the growing voice of oppression in the occupied valley.

He said that the UN resolved that the Kashmir problem should be with the UN resolutions, the struggle for independence was with the cashmere and will always be, for the past 20 years, the Pakistani forces, institutions and nations have fought A successful war.

Achievements of Operation Radcliffe

DGISPR said that more than 1.5 million intelligence base operations were carried out across the country, 17,000 terrorists were killed, more than 450 tons of ammunition seized, more than 1,000 al-Qaeda terrorists were arrested or killed, 70 countries Intelligence exchange and termination of several networks.

Major General Babar Raftar said Operation Riddolf Sadisi is the last in a long war, having cleared 46,000 square meters of terrorists in the war on terrorism. Today, no part of the country where the green flag was raised, thanks to its successful occupation. It is.

Salvation of terrorism.

He said that towards peace, the media played a role in defeating the ideology of terrorists, it was very difficult to get rid of terrorism. Today the playing field is based in Pakistan. We see the flag of our flag with respect and respect for the minorities of Pakistan. Let’s see

DGISPR says that we have achieved successes in difficult times, we have done well, we all have a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan, for which Pakistan’s forces are ready all the time, India is ready. Every time Pakistan took the wrong steps, Pakistan responded.

Major General Babraftkhar said: “We are trying to take the path of peace. We are prepared to look at the recent declaration of the Indian leadership. We also have to see if the region is capable of all these things, taking into account all defense preparation of India. ” Yes, Pakistan’s defense is strong and our capacity is 100%.

He said that we have taken all the statements of the Indian leadership seriously, India is the third largest defense spender in the world and after the big defense budget, the answer to Pakistan is that India has prepared some kind of courage.

DGISPA added that the world is fully aware of the situation in occupied Kashmir. We are aware of the way people in occupied Kashmir are going through. The problem has not attracted much international attention. Kashmir is ready.

United States Taliban Peace Pact

Regarding the peace treaty, Major General Babar Raftkhar said that the United States will bring the results of the agreement in the Taliban, Pakistan’s role in the Afghan peace process is a facilitator, Pakistan will play a positive role in the Afghan peace process.

Corona virus

Referring to the Corona virus, he said that the acquisition of Coronavirus is in a good way, since getting out of the Corona virus in Pakistan means that the measures were good. It will help you in any way possible.

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