The woman will not stop any march: President of the Supreme Court LHC

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Lahore High Court, while listening to the petition to prohibit the march of women, said that no one will stop the concentration of women. Freedom of expression cannot be prohibited.

Civil society and social workers working for women’s rights are organizing a “Women’s March” in different cities of the country on March 8 to commemorate International Women’s Day. I applied it.

During today’s hearing, the President of the Supreme Court HC commented that there was an impression that the petition was approved for a hearing that is not valid, there can be no such restriction on freedom of expression.

The applicant Azhar Siddique said that women are not interested in stopping the march, the march should be held at all, but the things that are required must first be taken to parliament.

In addressing the petition, Hina Jilani, leader of the women’s rights party, said the march is for women’s rights. Why does the applicant want to ban advertising on social networks?

Hina Jilani took the position that before there was a peaceful march. We will not tolerate this at all. I think more than people like us, we know how to be proud. We learn from our parents.

The court issued a notice to the applicant on March 3 after Hina Jilani objected to the petition being heard. The President of the Supreme Court HC also requested a police report on the security provided to the concentration.


It should be noted that in the petition filed by Azhar Siddique, there were rules for basic rights, including women’s rights. The march of women is financed by anti-state groups. They have a secret agenda under which the country is trying to spread anarchy, incest and hate. The 2019 Women’s March investigation will reveal that it is nothing more than an antistate activity that aims to contaminate the purity of women and distort Islam.

Speaking about the SAMAA program in this regard, he said that women have full rights and that there are currently 60 women out of a total of 342 members of the National Assembly.

In the same program, the lawyer and social activist Hina Jilani dismissed the stand of Azhar Siddiqui saying: “I think that prostitution is in your mind and no conscious person will agree with him.” The petition against the March of Women is a tactic to obtain a cheap reputation that will be rejected by the court. The Women’s March is our fundamental right and the women who have participated in it have fought for basic human rights throughout their lives.

“Some people on social networks want to create social controversy, but I want to tell them that women have struggled to achieve their rights and know how to protect them,” he said. Opposition objections have no weight.

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