Instagram gets rid of fake news about Corona


FW1F / Alison Williams

Facebook, the owner of the social media platform Instagram, has said it will rid the platform of news that disseminates false information about the Corona infection.

An article published by “Facebook” on its official website said: “The current circumstances force people to move away from each other, so we started to notice an increased use of our applications more than ever, especially to discover the news related to Corona infection. We are carefully monitoring the usage patterns of these apps, and are doing our best to make them more reliable during this time. “

For their part, the people involved in the “Instagram” application indicated that they would seek to delete the content and accounts linked to the Corona virus from the “Explore” section of the application, unless these accounts or information ‘have been published or affiliated with trusted health authorities.

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With the spread of Corona infection in many countries around the world today, most social media platforms such as “Facebook” and “Twitter” have started to take similar steps to limit the spread of fake news or d misleading instructions related to the prevention of this virus.


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