The United States supports Pakistan in the fight against the coronavirus: United States ambassador

ISLAMABAD: The United States’ ambassador to Pakistan, Paul Johns, said that the United States is with Pakistan in the fight against the coronavirus.

According to the details, the US ambassador. USA Paul Johns posted a message on the social networking site Twitter, saying the United States would provide new funds to Pakistan against the Corona virus.

The United States ambassador said the United States has placed Pakistan in the preferred country for emergency aid against Corona, and that $ 1 million will be provided to Pakistan to identify the laboratory and the Corona virus.

He said the United States is with Pakistan in the fight against the coronavirus. The US ambassador USA He said that EE. USA And Pakistan are long-standing partners in addressing global health-related challenges, and more than 100 university students from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) address Corona’s problems in Pakistani Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab. . Doing research

Paul Johns said the Sindh government has provided $ 18 million for the establishment of the Jacobabad Institute of Medical Sciences and that 13 modern ambulances are also provided to KP.

It is clear that the outbreak of the coronavirus is also spreading in Pakistan and the number of people affected has increased to 1,179. They are.

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