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Victoria has recorded 484 new Covid-19 infections, higher than Australia’s previous national height, because the country’s prime minister said nine out of 10 symptomatic residents did not isolate properly.

At the peak of the first wave, on March 28, a wave The total number of Australians is 469 cases reported in one day.

Two Victorian men in their 90s also died on Tuesday night, bringing the number of state deaths to 44. Both are residents in nursing homes.

Of Wednesday’s cases, 97 were related to known outbreaks and 387 were being investigated. Prime Minister Victoria, Daniel Andrews, suggesting total can be reduced overnight because duplicates are deleted.

Andrews said he would not announce changes to the restrictions or the implementation of phase four lockdowns on Wednesday.

He said that people who fail to isolate the onset of symptoms and testing may be a large source of new infections.

“Of the 3,810 cases, which are cases between 7 July and 21 July, I am very unhappy and very sad to have reported that almost nine out of 10 – or 3,400 cases – did not isolate between when they first felt sick and when they went for tests,” he said.

“That means people feel unwell and have just finished their business. They go shopping. They are working. They are at the peak of their infectivity. And they have just continued as usual. “

Andrews said Victorian residents also failed to isolate while awaiting results.

“I am equally sad to have to report that 53% – or 2,056 of 3,810 cases – are not isolating, that is, not staying at home and not having contact with other people between the time their test was taken and when they got the results of the test.

“The number of people who are sick but not tested, they are tested but not waiting for results at home and instead, go to work, many of them will become elderly care workers. Do not judge them. Let’s try and find out what drives it, “he said.

Andrews said unless the behavior changes, the numbers will continue to increase and lockdowns will be enforced Melbourne and Mitchell shire will be extended.

Andrews suggested that those who worked unsafe or relaxed were more likely to work while sick or awaiting test results.

“There are a large number of these people who make this choice because, in their judgment, they will see their bank balance, they will see the fact that, if they don’t work shifts, they win.” “I don’t get paid for shifts, they don’t having sick leave – this is a comment about unsafe work, “he said.

“This is a very important debate to have, we can have the debate next time. However, in the meantime, try to hone the problem, understand the problem, and then take special steps to overcome it. “

Andrews highlights the $ 1,500 difficulty payment available to those who are asked to isolate and who do not have access to sick leave, but this can only be accessed if someone has tested positive or close contacts who have been asked to isolate.

Those who wait for test results do not qualify.

“If there is a need for us to go further and deal with those one and two-day periods, where 53% of people who don’t live at home … we just do more work about it.”

When asked if there were special penalties for those who left home for important reasons while awaiting test results, Andrews said he was not sure.

“I’m not entirely sure about that … Let me get back to you on whether there are specific penalties that can be applied. We will get far better results by appealing to people and dealing with this driver than fining people for it,” he said.

The chief health officer, Brett Sutton, defended the state contact tracking operation, after several close contact reports waited several days to be contacted by the health department and told to isolate.

“We are really aiming, since we received a positive receipt, to call people within the first 24 hours,” Sutton said.

He suggested that up to a third of Victoria residents would not answer their calls, the department called.

“No one will be happy with the delay in terms of identifying close contacts. So, once again, if people can pick up the phone, we know that we will get the details early and we can follow up with that close contact. If people already know that they are casings, they can go through the process of detailing all those close contacts. And indeed, contact them if they feel comfortable doing it. “

Andrew gave instructions on the “no mask, no store” type policy introduced in the store.

“Big supermarkets are very interested in me sending a message about wearing a mask … you might get rejected if it shows up at your Coles or Woolies or IGA and you don’t wear a mask.”

Andrews was asked about testing without blanket symptoms for high-risk industries such as elderly care or slaughterhouse workers.

“We have to take advice on that and see proportional costs. When I say ‘cost’ – we only have a lot of lab capacity on certain days. “We don’t want a situation where we test people who have a very low chance of having a virus – and again, the test is only a snapshot in time,” he said.

“There are 45 elderly care settings with 85 positive cases. There are 300 positive cases overall in the care of the elderly. Around 50-50 in terms of workers and patients. “

At midnight Wednesday it will be mandatory to wear a mask when in public in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. Andrews urged residents not to wear masks on babies or toddlers.

“We’ve seen a number of reports about people selling masks for toddlers and babies – it’s totally inactive. Toddlers don’t have to wear masks. Children 12 years and older should, but below that age, they are not required, and babies and toddlers should not wear masks. Don’t buy the product. Do not use the product. “

New South Wales also reported 16 new cases of coronavirus overnight, with only one case from hotel quarantine.

Prime Minister, Gladys Berejiklian, said it was convinced the remaining 15 cases were from known sources.

“One positive thing in all cases … they come from known groups or existing contacts. So the fact that there is no new outbreak flow is convincing at one level. “

NSW’s chief health officer, Dr. Kerry Chant, said that of the 11 new cases linked to Thai Rock restaurants, the number of clusters reached 37. This included a man from the Hunter area of ​​New England.

“They are close contacts of someone who has been to Thai Rock. I think this only highlights how fast the virus can move, “he said.

“For a period of time we were worried that the case in Hunter New England could be another cluster that we didn’t know about, the tip of the iceberg, but the fact that we could then reconnect with someone who was present. Thai Rock and the link created means we are facing a different problem. “

Chant confirmed that the man was still contagious for some time while in the area and further contact tracing was in progress.

Residents from the New England Hunter region have been advised by local health authorities not to travel Sydney If possible.

Although the state government has not yet submitted official restrictions on regional travel, Chant suggested that all residents “just reflect on it [non-essential] travel arrangements “in the coming weeks.

Three of Wednesday’s cases were linked to the Crossroads Hotel cluster, bringing the total to 53.

The last person is a close contact from the previous case and is not related to any group.

Chant said there were several points of infection from Victoria to NSW.

“Viral genome screening has helped us understand that they are all strains that are similar to those circulating in Victoria. Now, it’s important to note that we don’t think they all come from one person. What they represent is that the viruses are similar and we believe that there are various sources of exposure. “

Cleverly defended NSW-Victoria border hardening, a move that limits the reasons that border city residents can cross national lines.

“When we closed the border in the beginning, there were still more than 200,000 permits granted, and unfortunately, as you can see with the situation in Victoria, we have no guarantee that there is no community transmission in the Victoria region. Now, that puts all NSWs at risk, “he said.

“It will be much easier for us to do what Queensland has done for us. We can easily say, that’s the border and that’s it. “

Queensland also reported one new case in the past 24 hours.

Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said this was a member of the Australian defense force who returned from overseas and quarantined.

The country now has three active cases.


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