Was Tom Hanks Arrested in Australia and Anklet Inserted? | Instant News

In March 2020, the actor Tom Hanks was in Queensland, Australia, for a biographical film about singer Elvis Presley, when he and his wife Rita Wilson went to the hospital “after feeling weak” and tested positive for COVID-19.

Furthermore, a conspiracy meme shared on social media stated that the actor was not affected by COVID-19 at all, and claimed that the report was a concealment of Hanks who had been detained for “pedophilia,” and was equipped with anklets to monitor his presence:

Obviously, if a globally famous person like Hanks had been arrested – especially on a shocking accusation – that fact would have made international news, so that no news report reported that it was nothing more than fake and cruel. issue.

Unfortunately, Hanks has become one of many celebrities – along with others like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres – who have been the target of strange conspiracy theories about their alleged involvement in “the elite pedophile sex trade ring

The top two photos in the meme, which show Hanks wearing a green T-shirt and green bandana, were taken Angel in May 2020. Clearly, Hanks could not have been detained in Australia at that time. The bottom two photos appear to be no more than the tips or the ends of the pants’ arms.

Other taking pictures from the same time and place did not provide conclusive evidence that Hanks had an anklet on one of his feet. It also does not make sense that Australian authorities would arrest Hanks with serious accusations, place him in custody, and consider him a “flight risk,” then release him to return to the United States a few weeks later without any precaution other than a monitoring bracelet.

The photos of Hanks were taken recently, in June and July 2020, capturing the actor wearing shorts and slippers, and clearly shows he doesn’t wear anklets.

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