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CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, has signed a 10-year PPA with Zen Energy Ross Garnaut. The deal will allow solar energy from two solar parks to halve the agency’s emissions.

From Australian PV Magazine.

The Australian Commonwealth of Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has announced a 10 year clean energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Ross Garnaut’s Sunshot owned Zen energy.

The deal is set to halve the CO2 emissions that come from the electricity of the national science agency. This is the largest PPA ever signed by a Commonwealth government body, according to the CSIRO.

In Zen Path, Alan Watts tells us that Zen is not religion or philosophy, or even psychology or science – it is a way of liberation. In this way, the transition to renewable energy is a Zen transition, because it is a liberation from the shackles of fossil fuel limitations and towards the present and future from renewable infinity, the only way to self-sufficiency. CSIRO appears to be on its way to Zen through this PPA, utilizing the 128 MW Nurmurkah Solar Power Plant in Victoria and the 132 MW Nevertire Solar Power Plant in NSW.

This renewable source will now power 26 CSIRO-run research sites in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria, including Parkes Observatory and the Australian Center for Disease Preparedness in Geelong, a major research center in the fight against Covid-19.

“This is a very significant step towards becoming net-zero in our operations, and in line with our broader powers to help Australia towards a low emissions future,” said Dave Agnew, director of CSIRO’s Business and Infrastructure Services.

The deal also follows the recently completed 5 MW solar PV launch at 10 CSIRO locations across the country.

The Zen Way

British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta, owner of the Whyalla steel plant, is reselling Zen Energy to an Australian economist professor Ross Garnaut in August. The company is now part of the Sunshot Energy Garnaut business. According to ABC, Garnaut said at the time of the deal that Zen Energy would “look forward to partnering with new utility scale renewable energy projects across the country to enable us to supply 100% renewable energy at low cost and high reliability to our growing customer base.”

PPA with CSIRO shows that Zen Energy does exactly what Garnaut says.

Interestingly, PPA is not the boundary of the partnership between CSIRO and Zen Energy, because the couple also wants to collaborate on scientific projects in the field of renewable energy.

“We aspire to be an organization that promotes and demonstrates sustainable operations and practices that are consistent with the impact of our science and innovation,” said Agnew. “As a world leader in sustainability research, CSIRO is committed to innovating in science and technology that reduces emissions and the impacts of global climate change.”

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