Pizza Hut Adds Vegan Wings to Menu in Australia | Instant News

Pizza Hut is adding vegan wings and dips to menus at locations across Australia. These wheat-based wings resemble a nugget shape and come in five different dip options: Chipotle, Buffalo, Smoky BBQ, Hickory & Brown Sugar, and Hot Chili.

“We are expanding our new wing selection so that there are more menu options for different palettes because there is no ‘one size fits all’ at dinner time. And there shouldn’t be. “Pizza Huts Australia describes wings as the perfect choice” for those who like to dabble on the plant-based life, those who already love our vegan and vegetarian range, or who just follow a completely vegan diet. Tease yourself and try something new, we are. love it very much. “

Pizza Hut Australia is a fast food chain that is leading in vegan and plant-based options. In 2019 they launched a completely vegan menu which includes many different items like pizza with vegan cheese, vegan cheese garlic bread, non-cheese vegan garlic bread, Spud Bites and now with vegan wings now added.

Pizza Hut Australia also has vegan dessert options with its vegan ice cream cones. We hope that Pizza Hut’s locations in America will soon include more vegan and plant-based dishes on their menus, especially after their success.


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