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By Ryan Cadman

For Amherst News

AMHERST, N.S. – Brianna Voss broke down when she saw her flight from Melbourne, Australia to her home in Amherst be canceled.

“I immediately started crying. “My flight was the last of all my friends here and it was the only one that was canceled,” he said.

Voss has lived in Australia for almost two years. During that time, he was only at home twice for a total of six weeks. He has plans to return home because of COVID-19.

“My flight had a lay-over in Hong Kong but China closed its borders for all non-residents so my flight was canceled.”

There were 821 COVID-19 cases in the state of Victoria with 653 cases in the city of Melbourne, he said.

“It looks like we’re two weeks behind the world. Everything has just begun to be locked but even then, you can still shop for clothes at the mall.”

When Voss moved to Australia in 2018 to become an au-pair, or caregiver who lived inside, he had no desire to move there permanently, he said.

“I want to work, travel a little and go home, but finally I like it here so much that I applied for a second year visa.”

Now he is trapped, unable to get a flight abroad.

“There are currently no recovery flights to Australia. The government offers loans to Canadians abroad for flights, but flights are so expensive that I cannot justify putting myself thousands of dollars in this debt. “

The Voss family is very supportive, but that’s all they can offer, he said.

“Mama keeps saying, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take you home!” But mother is a student with little income. I knew that was impossible. At times like this, I just want to be at home with my family. “

The restaurant where Voss works is still open, which keeps his spirits up because he can still make money. However, he did not know how long.

“What is scary is what this virus carries – this locking and uncertainty when it will end. All my friends have flown home and my work can end every day. Then I’m just stuck here alone, no work, no friends, no family. That’s what scares me the most. “

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