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April 08 2020 09:58:24

The Secretary of the US Navy Officer has resigned after handling the mother ship affected by the corona virus, the Queen has sent a message of support to Boris Johnson, and Donald Trump has threatened to withhold funds for the World Health Organization.

In Australia, a bill designed to keep 6 million people employed is expected to pass Parliament today, and NSW Premier has warned that social easing would mean more deaths.

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Wednesday’s main stories:

The Acting Navy Secretary resigned because of the ship’s collapse

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said already accept resignation from Acting Secretary of the US Navy Thomas Modly, who was criticized for handling a crisis involving the captain of the mother ship affected by the coronavirus.

The controversy began when Mr. Modly fire USS captain Theodore Roosevelt last week, said Captain Brett E Crozier had shown “a very bad judgment” in distributing it widely via email requesting letters urgent help with the COVID-19 outbreak on his ship.

Mr. Modly then flew to the ship, at a port in Guam, and deliver a speech to the crew where he railed against Captain Crozier, said he too “too naive or too stupid” to take responsibility for the aircraft carrier.

On Monday night (local time), Mr Modly issued a public apology, but at that time the calls among Democrats in Congress for his resignation were increasing.

So far, 230 of the approximately 5,000 personnel at Theodore Roosevelt have proven positive for COVID-19.

NSW said relaxing restrictions would mean more deaths

NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said the country would consider easing pandemic social restrictions at the beginning of next month.

But he said this would only be done based on health advice, and that whenever the restrictions were relaxed, more people will get sick and more people will die.

“If the suggestion in a few weeks is that there might be some aspects that we can arrange to provide assistance to our citizens, then, we will take that advice. But that is accompanied by risk. And I have to be very frank about it, “he said.

Berejiklian also said that while some restrictions could be relaxed, social distance would still exist until there is a coronavirus vaccine.

“Until there is a cure, we all have to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from each other,” he said.

The NSW health authority has confirmed 48 new coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 2,734 states.

That is the lowest number of new cases recorded since March 19, when the cruise ship Ruby Princess docked in Sydney.

The queen hopes that Boris Johnson will recover quickly

Queen Elizabeth has sent message of support for the pregnant fiance of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Carrie Symonds and his family.

“His Majesty said they had in his mind and he hoped the Prime Minister would recover fully and quickly,” said Buckingham Palace.

Officials say Johnson is conscious and in stable condition at the London hospital, where he is receive oxygen in intensive care but don’t use a ventilator.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab appointed to run the country in the meantime.

“For all of us in the Cabinet, he is not only our boss. He is also a colleague and he is also our friend,” he said.

“I’m sure he will succeed because if there is one thing I know about this Prime Minister, he is a warrior. “

England is in the third week of virtual lockdown. Deaths in the country have reached nearly 6,200, after one day it increased almost 800.

Another death was confirmed in Victoria

Said the Prime Minister of Victoria, Daniel Andrews another person has died from coronavirus in the state.

However, he gave no more details about death when talking to Triple M this morning.

Twelve Victoria now die of COVID-19.

Other 21 cases has also been confirmed in the state, bringing the total to 1,212.

Trump threatened to withhold funding from the World Health Organization

US President Donald Trump threatened to do it “hold” about US funding for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Trump made comments at the White House press conference because death and corona virus infections throughout the United States continued to increase.

He initially announced he would cut US funding for the organization, but when pressed whether it was the right time, given the current crisis, he told reporters he only looked at prospects, saying: “I didn’t say I’d do it.”

Nevertheless, Trump said of the organization “missed call” on the pandemic and claim that they looked “very Chinese-centric”.

“They should know and they might know,” she says.

WHO praised China for the transparency of the virus, although there is reason to believe that more people died from COVID-19 than those recorded in the country’s official counts.

According to the Johns Hopkins University database, the US has more than 387,000 cases were confirmed COVID-19 and more than 12,000 deaths.

Children are taken to hospital from the Sydney hotel quarantine

Three children with suspected symptoms of coronavirus was rushed to the hospital in Sydney last night.

The Chief Medical Officer of New South Wales has confirmed an adult and one of the children is now tested positive for COVID-19.

A family of seven has stayed at the Hilton Hotel where they were quarantined afterwards returned from abroad.

New York City death toll passes the 9/11 attacks

More people have died from the corona virus in New York City than those killed in the September 11 terror attack on the World Trade Center.

Virus has killed at least 3,202 people in the city, according to a new count released by city health officials Tuesday.

September 11, the deadliest terror attack on US soil, killed 2,753 people in the city and 2,977 in total, when the hijacked plane crashed into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania in 2001.

Coronavirus has made New York zero again in national tragedies and crisis centers that are reshaping American life and freedom.

New York City recorded the death of its first corona virus on March 13, less than two weeks after confirming its first infection.

The JobKeeper Bill is expected to pass today

A historic bill to impose wage subsidies so workers can keep their jobs through the coronavirus pandemic is expected to be passed by Parliament today.

The government described it as a COVID-19 plan to save jobs, designed to make six million Australians work as a step to suppress the virus continues to destroy the economy.

Qualified workers will get $ 1,500 subsidy per fortnight.

That the total cost is $ 130 billion and continues to grow, as the Labor Party continues to push for more than one million additional short-term victims to be included.

The law is expected to pass in just one day, and the Government rejects pressure to hold more equipment before August.

Parliamentary committees are being formed to examine giant spending measures.

The city where it all began celebrates the end of its lockdown

After 11 weeks locked, the first train departed this morning Wuhan is reopened, the Chinese city where the global coronavirus pandemic began.

People once again allowed to travel in and out from a city of 11 million inhabitants.

Nevertheless, a Mandatory smartphone application supported by a mix of data tracking and government oversight must show that travelers are healthy and have not made recent contact with anyone who is confirmed to have a virus.

The lifting of travel restrictions is marked by light shows on both sides of the vast Yangtze river, with skyscrapers and bridges emitting animated images from health workers who help patients, along with one displaying words “heroic city”.

“I haven’t been outside for more than 70 days,” said an emotional Tong Zhengkun, who watched the monitor from the bridge.

Most of China is more than 82,000 confirmed cases and more than 3,300 deaths were reported in Wuhan.

But the number of new cases in the city continues to decline, and on Tuesday, no new cases have been confirmed.

Parisians are prohibited from jogging during the day

The French government has tightened their lockdown in the capital by banning Parisians from outdoor sporting activities between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m..

The move comes after many French politicians and doctors expressed disappointment at the fact that the streets of Paris still feature people jogging or gathering near the market, despite government orders to get as many people to stay inside.

France is officially registered more than 10,000 deaths from coronavirus infections, be fourth country that goes beyond that threshold after Italy, Spain and the United States.

During a press conference Jerome Salomon, head of the public health authority, said the number of people dying from illness in French hospitals had increased by 9 percent a day to a cumulative total of 7,091, compared to 10 percent on Monday

But he added that including partial data on the number of people who have died in nursing homes, the total death from illness rose to 10,328 from 8,911 on Monday, up 16 percent, compared to 10 percent on Monday and 7 percent cents on Sunday.

France has been locked since March 17 to stem the spread of the virus.

The steps have been extended to April 15, and are likely to be extended again.

Plans for Australians to be flown out of Cambodia

The Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh hopes to lease planes out of Cambodia for citizens who are afraid of being stranded in the middle of a coronavirus lockout.

At least 300 people have registered for help returning to Australia, after the return trip was interrupted by flight cancellations caused by a coronavirus outbreak.

There are 210 seats available on the flight, which will transit through an undisclosed location.

Ambassador Pablo Kang said on Twitter that his embassy was at advanced stages of arranging flights from Phnom Penh via the secondary state to Sydney for Sunday.

Kang urged every Australian who wants to leave Cambodia contact the embassy or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade immediately.

Cambodia is ready to declare a state of emergency, which can make movement within the country more difficult.

Meanwhile, private contractors said they also made lists and made flight paths for Australians who wanted to leave the country.

Cambodia is one of the few countries in the region that does not have direct flights to Australia, usually transiting through Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok.

Passengers will be asked to quarantine at the designated hotel in Sydney for 14 days after their arrival.

Jail for not wearing a mask in Morocco

Wearing a face mask is now mandatory in Morocco for anyone who was allowed out during a coronavirus outbreak.

Those who fail to obey the face a prison sentence of up to three months and fines of up to 1,300 dirhams ($ 572), the Government said in a statement on Monday.

The mask will be sold at a subsidized price of 0.8 dirhams ($ 0.35) per unit.

Morocco plans to increase its daily mask production capacity to nearly 6 million next week from the current 3.3 million.

Morocco, which has been enforcing lockdown for a month, was confirmed on Monday 1,120 cases of coronavirus and 80 deaths.

Norway to ease the limitation of coronavirus

Norway will lift some restrictions that have been imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Nordic nation was the first in Europe to close a large number of private and public institutions to stop the spread of COVID-19, send the economy to a collapse and trigger hundreds of thousands of layoffs.

The current restrictions, which apply until April 13, include the closure of nurseries and schools, refuse entry to foreigners who do not live and work in Norway, and forbid people to go to their mountain cabins if they have them.

The kindergarten will be reopened between April 20 and 27, as well school from grade one to grade four from April 27 and Norwegians can go to their chalet starting April 20th.

“Together we have controlled the virus“Therefore, we can open the community little by little,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg told a press conference.

At the same time, work from home must be continued and Norwegians must be familiar with actions against contamination “for a long time”, Solberg said.

Norway currently has 5,866 confirmed cases and 83 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Andrea Bocelli to do the Easter Service

Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli, one of the most famous tenor singers in the world, will be performing a live-streamed concert of the empty Milan Duomo cathedral on Easter Sunday, intended as a symbol of love, hope and healing amid a coronavirus pandemic.

Bocelli will be only accompanied by cathedral organs, Emanuele Vianelli, plays one of the largest pipe organs in the world perform a repertoire of sacred works including Pietro Mascagni’s Sancta Maria.

The concert will be held streaming on the Bocelli YouTube channel.

“I am honored and will be happy to answer ‘Si’ at the invitation of the City and Duomo of Milan,” the singer said.

“I believe in the power of praying together; I believe in Christian Easter, the universal symbol of rebirth that all people whether they believe in or not really need right now.”

Italy, which is still locked, suffers the highest mortality rate in the world from COVID-19, with 16,523 deaths on mondays and almost 133,000 cases.

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