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The Eden-Monaro election has become a telenovela that no one has seen coming. Andrew Constance was inside, then left. But first John Barilaro enters, then exits.

Constance spoke about his face in a statement apologizing for being inexplicable but give a little insight into why he is here today and leaving tomorrow.

Barilaro bent to burn the joint. Andrew Clennell from Sky News extracted text on Tuesday from Barilaro to federal national leader Michael McCormack, where the leader of the New South Wales Nationals scolded his federal counterpart for failing to support his candidacy in the contest.

Maybe Barilaro will hold a second arrival. Said no. But strange things have happened.

In any case, regardless of what anyone’s brilliant maneuvers next, I think we can agree that McCormack failed to throw rose petals in the path of a potential leadership rival is not the biggest problem facing Australia on Tuesday. I think we can be sure that a group of people once again eliminates their own fundamentals at taxpayer expense.

When I saw the Sky News story, I was sitting at a press conference where Scott Morrison was trying to have a serious conversation how can we pivot out of Covid-19 lockdown. That becomes a serious problem, worth your time and attention.

However, this is a trivial slander – another blow in contemporary take turns revenge National party. Maybe the Nationals can add a tagline to party branding: a 24/7 supplier of hate and little intrigue.

Seriously. Who can forget the first day of the federal parliament for 2020, which was intended as a day of serious reflection on a summer of catastrophic forest fires, and instead became a short story, which was not too gripping about whether Barnaby Joyce can somehow hit the road back to party leadership?

Spoiler warning: only crashes, not crashes.

And here we are again on Tuesday, with The collapse of the text “Barra” and the inevitable Kremlinology of what this leaky middle number means for a divided federal citizen party room.

I mean these people are really holes. That makes me angry, because while everyone hates each other and wonders how they can beat each other, the most disadvantaged are regional Australians.

In view of their collective self-obsession and general uselessness, the National Party should have been crushed in the last federal election. Somehow they didn’t, and they have rewarded their supporters by being little more than a battle club with the most boring protagonists in the world.

Yes, I’m angry. I really. This made me angry because I grew up in regional Australia when the National Party sewed itself into the social fabric of society; where the party’s youth wing was adept at registering the next generation of Nationals voters and contributors because there was a sense of something to contribute.

There is a set of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are shared with Promulgate. Now, I see a political party whose constituents fail at so many levels and do not even realize that the party is failing – except when it experiences periodic panic about independents or small parties that invade its strongholds.

This country has experienced painful drought, triggered by climate change, but many citizens appear to be spruikers in the interests of mining that accelerate global climate disasters, and then they wonder why their constituents are alienated and angry. Maybe misunderstanding is a disorientation that results from repeatedly punching your head?

I’m not sure how things roll out in the country of “Barra”, because I’m a little far from Macquarie Street – who truly feels compassion – but at the federal level, citizens have allowed themselves to be consumed by the cult of personality. instead of asking bigger questions, like who are we, what are we fighting for, should we occupy the political realm that we always sit on, or should we see whether the facts have changed or not?

If there is a productive introspection going on in this political movement beyond “I hate that bastard because he doesn’t give me what I want”, these people hide it very well.

So all the best for “Barra” if in the final plot a twist on the telenovela he emerges from the fire of a trash can. Coalition relations for the Eden-Monaro election contest.

But his political movement was nothing more than a ghost ship driving himself to be forgotten until he found the intelligence to think of something other than himself.


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