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Australia now has 6,073 cases of corona virus.

The good news is that the rate of new coronavirus infections has slowed dramatically.

Australia reported 103 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday.

It’s been more than three weeks since the daily increase was as low as that.

However, the death rate continues to increase, with the national total now at 51. Last Thursday, it was 24.

The chart below shows the number of coronavirus cases throughout Australia since 25 January.

New South Wales had 2,773 cases of corona virus and 21 deaths.

Victoria had 1,212 cases and 12 deaths.

Queensland had 953 cases and four deaths.

South Australia has 420 cases and three deaths.

Western Australia had 481 cases and six deaths.

Tasmania has 107 cases and three deaths.

That Australian Capital Territory has 99 cases and two deaths.

That Northern Territory has 28 cases and no deaths.

The chart below shows how COVID-19 cases have progressed from country to country and the graph below shows the mortality rate.

As can be seen in the graph above, the curve continues to level off in Australia.

Tight collection restrictions can be lifted if the trend continues.

Authorities have warned Australians to stay at home and avoid meetings during the long Easter weekend.

Relaxing the rules too early can increase the spread of the corona virus and cancel all the hard work that has been done.

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New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said health experts assess the data collected every day at the end of each month.

They will use the data to decide when NSW can relax collecting rules.

The new fear, however, is community transmission.

A comprehensive testing regime, which Prime Minister Scott Morrison praised again on Wednesday as one of the best in the world, aims to crack down on them.


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