Australian Police Seize Evidence from the Country’s Largest Coronavirus Infection Source | American voice | Instant News


Police in Australia have moved goods from a cruise ship that arrived in Sydney last month carrying hundreds of passengers infected with the new corona virus.

Investigators who wear protective gear from head to toe climb Princess Ruby Late Wednesday night in Port Kembla and seized the ship’s “black box”, which keeps digital records of its movements similar to those mounted on passenger jets. The authorities also questioned all 1,040 crew members who have remained on board since it docked on March 19.

Around 15 of the hundreds of infected passengers who descended from the ship without undergoing a medical examination have died, making it the largest source of a total of 6,000 Australian COVID-19 infections and 51 deaths. About 200 crew members have shown viral symptoms, with 18 positive tests. The ship is expected to remain at Port Kembla for 10 days while the crew is undergoing maintenance.

Health Secretary Greg Hunt announced 96 new cases of coronavirus infection on Thursday, the lowest number of new infections in more than three weeks.

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