Weatherwatch: heavy rain in Australia and record heat in Italy News | Instant News

WNorthern Australia experienced extraordinary heavy and heavy rain along with heavy gusts last weekend, as remnants of rain Tropical Mango Typhoon tracked along the west coast. Tropical cyclones turn to extra tropical before reaching Australia’s westernmost land, but its interaction with active cold fronts gives it new strength and hits the coast with gusts approaching 75 mph and total rainfall of more than 40mm on Sunday 24 May.

Meanwhile, the southern part Italy experienced record-breaking heat waves between 13 and 16 May, due to extremely hot south-east sirocco winds causing temperatures to rise above 35C (95F) in three regions. One of the hottest places is around Palermo, on the north coast of Sicily, where the temperature is as high as 34C at 3am, and reaches 38-40C, breaking the May national record of 36.8C set in 2008. Temperatures at the Palermo-Boccadifalco airport peaked at 38.6C on the 13th, 38.8C on the 14th and 39.1C on the 16th.

Finally, a series of violent storms occurred in Texas on the evening of May 23. Four tornadoes were reported close to the border with Oklahoma, and another thunderstorm produced a giant ice stone with a diameter of 13.5 cm, which landed inside a house after falling through the roof.


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