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How to link or embed PowerPoint slides in a Word document | Instant News

The good thing about the Microsoft Office suite is that all the programs in the collection can work well together. An example is that you can link or embed a Microsoft PowerPoint slide into a Microsoft Word document. This is the completed process.

Link and embed

Whether you link or embed PowerPoint slides in a Word document, the goal is always the same: provide an external reference to supplement the content of the document. However, you should be aware of the subtle difference between linking and embedding.

The difference between a link and an embedded object is how to store the object’s data and how to update the content in the object. Because the data storage method between the two methods is different, the process of updating the content will also be different.

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If an object is linked, clicking the link will only send the reader to the location of the source object. The file itself does not actually store any data from the linked object to the file.If the object to be linked is large and you need Reduce the file size of Word documents. The disadvantage is that if the location of the linked object changes, the link in the Word document will be broken.

If you embed the object, you don’t have to worry about whether the position of the object will change because it has become part of the document itself. That is, Word stores the object data in the actual Word file. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about broken links in the document. The disadvantage is that when the object is updated, these updates are not reflected in the embedded object because there is no link to connect it to the source. In addition, you also need to consider the increase in file size as embedded objects increase.

Link or embed PowerPoint slides in Word documents

The difference between being able to link or embed Microsoft PowerPoint slides in a Microsoft Word document is just one click.

First, Open PowerPoint presentation Contains the slideshow you want to link or embed. Here, select the desired file by clicking its preview thumbnail.

Next, use the Ctrl + c (Cmd + c on Mac) keyboard shortcut, or right-click the slide and select “Copy” from the context menu to copy the slide to the clipboard.

right now, Open Word document You want to link or embed the slideshow. In the “Clipboard” group of the “Home” tab, click the down arrow under “Paste”.

In the drop-down menu, click “Paste Special”.

The “Paste Special” window will appear. If you have copied the PowerPoint slide to the clipboard, you will see the “Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Object” option in the box under “Save As”. Click it to select options. Next, to embed the slideshow, click the speech bubble next to “Paste.” To link the slides, click the speech bubble next to “Paste Link.” Select “OK” to insert the linked or embedded object.

Now, Microsoft PowerPoint slides are linked or embedded in Microsoft Word documents.

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Fan’s favorite Power Mac G4 cube design returns | Instant News

Apple plans to redesign the iconic design of the Power Mac G4 Cube for use in new Apple silicon-powered devices Mac Pro,according to recent Bloomberg report.

‌Mac Pro‌ was last updated in 2019 with a modular tower design, but as Apple transitioned its Mac product line to its custom silicon chips, M1 On-chip MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, Bloomberg Provides insights into the next development of ‌Mac Pro‌.

Apple’s updated “Mac Pro” with Apple Silicon The size of the processor is expected to be less than half of the current Mac Pro tower, placing it between the existing Mac Pro and Mac mini. The most interesting thing is that the report said that the design of the new Mac Pro may bring “nostalgia” to the Power Mac G4 Cube, and its appearance is mostly aluminum.

The Power Mac G4 Cube was released in 2000 and was Apple’s first small desktop computer. The machine itself is suspended in an acrylic glass enclosure, giving the impression of floating. The G4 Cube does not have a fan, but is passively cooled by a grille on the top of the chassis.

Users can access its internal parts by inverting the machine and using the pop-up handle to slide the internal parts out of the housing, which is no different from the 2013 or 2019 “Mac Pro” design. Despite the commercial failure, the G4 Cube was still welcomed by a small group of enthusiastic fans who praised its visionary design.

It is believed that Apple is using up to 32 high-performance cores for its desktop computers to test high-performance custom silicon chips, and is also developing 16 to 32-core graphics options.For its most high-end machines (such as “Mac Pro”), Apple is Engage in Customized 64- and 128-core GPUs, which will be much more powerful than the AMD graphics options currently offered by Apple.

For professionals who may find that the new “Mac Pro” design backfires or are not yet ready to transition from Intel chips, it is expected that Apple will continue to provide Intel-based “Mac Pro”. This means that it may be one of the only machines in the Mac series that continues to rely on Intel technology. This model is expected to be sold together with ‌Apple Silicon‌ ‌Mac Pro‌ and is said to be the immediate successor of the current ‌Mac Pro‌ and will use the same design.

There is no news on when the two new Mac Pro models will be released, but it is likely that they will be implemented within two years of Apple’s transition to the “Apple Silicon” chip in June last a Previous report, Bloomberg It is said that “Apple Silicon” and “Mac Pro” are planned to be launched in 2022.


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Frogwares urges fans not to buy “The Sunken City” on Steam | Instant News

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After falling into a legal dispute, “Sinking City” was withdrawn from the digital store in August last year and could not be purchased for fans. The horror title has recently returned to Steam, but developer Frogware urged fans not to purchase this particular version.

posted on Twitter, Frogwares said: “Frogwares has not yet created a version of @TheSinkingCity, which is on sale today at @Steam. We do not recommend buying this version. There will be more news soon.”

As you know, the situation around the sinking city is still very chaotic. Developer Frogwares previously claimed that publishers BigBen Interactive and Nacon had withheld at least 1 million euros and falsely implied ownership of the IP. This legal battle started in August 2019 and is still ongoing as it has not yet been resolved.

Thank you, IGN.


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The legendary season kicked off today in Pokémon GO | Instant News

The season of legend begins today Pokémon GO. As we enter the second season of the game, let’s take a look at what we know is about to happen and some of the things Niantic hinted at.

“Legend Season” in the picture Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

This is what we know Legendary season So far:

  • We started with a raid against natural forces for more than a month. That is Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus. First, they will appear in their incarnations, which is the standard form we saw in the same period last year. However, they can now be encountered as Shinies, which makes attacking them even more interesting. Near the end of March, after the avatar of the hill beast avatar left, Niantic will begin to cycle through these legends again, but their Celian form shown in the picture above is taken as an example. They will start with Thundurus. There will be a study dedicated to Professor Willow’s study of the Celian form of these Pokémon. In the first wave, Therian Formes will not be able to meet as Shinies.
  • Giovanni broadcasts a “different” legendary film every month. Shadow Articuno is now live streamed with Shadow Zapdos. It will go live on April 1, and Shadow Moltres will go live on May 1. Everyone will have a corresponding special study. These have been selected, so there is no new content here.
  • Different generations based on the hemisphere.Get segment Here.
  • The new Giant Evolution Pokémon is on sale. We know that we will launch a new set of equipment in mid-March, which will come on the day when the electric type of charging event begins. I bet on Manectric.
  • GO Battle League: In addition to the new cup, Pokémon GOLike last season, its PVP platform will cycle twice in the Super League, Super League and Master League. The major leagues are now live.

As more details about the events that make up the season of legend enter, Bleeding Cool will report here.

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In a Twitter video, President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) expressed his support for the Amazon Workers Union | Instant News

Voting in early February At the fulfillment center and warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, more than 5,800 workers voted. Determine if workers want to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). Amazon is the second largest private employer after Wal-Mart, with more than 1 million workers, and may become the biggest battlefield for the revitalization of union membership.

One of the reasons for mentioning the union movement is related to many complaints from Amazon fulfillment center employees. The workers claimed that they were undertaking difficult tasks in the warehouse. They also complained about intrusive surveillance technologies, including automatic tracking systems and cameras that track their every move. The worrying thing is that if workers do not meet the assigned quotas, they will be fired.

RWDSU Chairman Stuart Appelbaum responded to their views. He said: “More than half of the workers have signed a card supporting union representatives.” Appelbaum told NPR: “Workers in the warehouse describe demanding productivity quotas and hope to shape their jobs. Provide more input on the site, including how people are disciplined or fired.”

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have expressed support for the Amazon merger. Warren tweeted: “Amazon refuses to slow down workers’ work speed or risk being fired, even though workers say this will lead to a high rate of injuries in the warehouse. But they undoubtedly stopped the mandatory Anti-union conference work.”

Sanders tweeted on February 8: “If Amazon workers in Alabama vote to form a union, how strong it will be.” Sanders added: “They are in a powerful anti-alliance country. China adopts strong anti-alliance forces, but their victory will benefit every worker in the United States. I am proud to stand with them.”

There are reports that Amazon Try to delay or frustrate the vote. Ironically, Amazon asked for a postponement of the vote, which will be conducted by mail, and pointed out that it should be done in person.Bezos is Washington postActively argue that the 2020 presidential election should not be held in person, and the ballots should be sent by mail to minimize the spread of Covid-19. Amazon’s protest was rejected by the National Labor Relations Commission.

Sanders blasted accusations that Amazon may have been frustrating the efforts of the nascent coalition, and denounced the then chief executive Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos). “My message to Jeff Bezos and Amazon is clear: These vile anti-union tactics must stop. Every worker in this country has the right to join a union. Period.”

Now, workers have bigger supporters. Although Amazon is not named, in the video tweet, President Joe Biden expressed support on Twitter“Today and in the next few days and weeks, workers in Alabama and across the United States are voting to decide whether to organize unions in their workplaces.” Biden continued: “This is crucial, this It is a crucial choice, because the United States is working hard to deal with the deadly pandemic, economic crisis and racial discrimination, which shows that there is still a huge gap in our country.”

Similar to Sanders, Biden also warned the large retailer that “there should be no intimidation, coercion, threats, anti-union propaganda” and that “the employer decides to elect any union.”

Biden’s video message is consistent with his campaign promise to support labor as the “most pro-union chairman”. He said in the video that he “kept his word.” Biden encouraged workers. He said: “You know, every worker should have a free and fair choice to join a union… No employer can take such action right away. So please hear from you.”

Biden said in the video: “The union has boosted union and non-union workers, especially black and Brown workers.” “There should be no intimidation, no coercion, no threats, no anti-union propaganda. No supervisor is allowed. The employee’s union preference is face-to-face with employees.”

Applebaum thanked Biden for his support of trade unions: “As President Biden pointed out, the best way for working people to protect themselves and their families is to organize trade unions.” He added: “This is why so many professional women and men are working. The reason for the Amazon factory in Bessemer, Alabama, to fight for the union.”

Amazon spokesperson Rachael Lighty (Rachael Lighty) talked about this before. He said: “Amazon has provided the requirements of the union to employees: industry-leading compensation, comprehensive benefits on the first day of work, professional Opportunities for development, and all this requires working in a union. A safe, modern and inclusive working environment. At Amazon, these benefits and opportunities are closely related to work, as is the ability to communicate directly with company leaders.”

Amazon spokesperson Lisa Levandowski (Lisa Levandowski) said: “Our employees choose to work at Amazon because we can provide some of the best jobs wherever we hire, and we encourage Anyone compares our overall compensation, benefits and working environment with any other company with similar jobs.”

Although the work of the union is concentrated in one factory, the movement may escalate and spread throughout the United States. If workers in Alabama join the union, it could have serious consequences for Amazon. Workers will gain bargaining power. They may demand better working conditions, higher salaries, job security, enhanced medical benefits, pensions and other forms of remuneration. They may postpone adopting technology, robotics and artificial intelligence to take away people’s jobs. These actions will bring higher costs to Amazon. This may reduce the company’s profits and affect profits.

If this campaign is successful, unions can begin to form in other major companies and significantly change the face of American companies.


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