Fair solution of the Kashmir problem essential for regional peace: Prime Minister Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that a fair and lasting solution to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute was essential for peace, security and stability in South Asia, ARY News reported.

According to a statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan said this while speaking with a multiparty delegation of parliamentarians from the United Kingdom, led by the President of the Kashmir Parliamentary Group of All Parties, Debbie Abrahams, who visited him today in Islamabad.

The prime minister informed the delegation of the terrible humanitarian and human rights conditions in the valley held after the illegal and unilateral actions of India on August 5 last year.

He stressed that eight million cashmere were under military siege during the last six months, and all their rights and freedoms were taken away.

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The prime minister also highlighted the threat to peace and security represented by the belligerent rhetoric and aggressive actions of the Indian leadership on the ground.

He argued that the Hindutva ideology of the RSS-inspired BJP government was squeezing cashmere into IOJ & K, on ​​the one hand, and restricting space for minorities in India, on the other hand.

Prime Minister Imran also stressed that India could resort to the “false flag” operation to divert international attention from its unacceptable actions in occupied Kashmir.

He stressed that the international community had a responsibility to raise awareness about crimes against humanity and pressurize India to implement the resolutions of the UN Security Council on Jammu and Kashmir.

The prime minister reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to support the people of Kashmir in their fight for justice and the inalienable right of self-determination.

Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the group’s constant focus on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute and noted the important contribution made by its previous reports on the human rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir occupied by India.



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Apple’s coronavirus warning has just reduced its stock market value by $ 34 billion

A number of U.S. companies have warned investors that first quarter sales may be affected by the spread of coronavirus. Apple (AAPL) I just made it more real.
The $ 1.4 trillion company distributed to surprise investor update Monday, warning that it no longer plans to meet the revenue guide provided last month.
In particular, the company is not only concerned about a blow to demand for Apple products in China – which was expected, since all its stores there have been closed. It also faces problems with iPhone production. Such supply chain problems have been a major concern for economists monitoring of larger relapses from the new coronavirus.

“Work is starting to resume across the country, but we are seeing a slower return to normal conditions than we had anticipated,” the company said.

Apple said that even though its production partner sites are located outside of Hubei province at the heart of the epidemic, and all of these sites have been reopened, it has been difficult to speed up the backup.

JPMorgan analyst Samik Chatterjee told customers that the long-term outlook for the company “remains unchanged.” The likely 5G-enabled iPhone debut later this year is still poised to increase demand, and Apple is less reliant on selling iPhones in China than a year ago, he said.

But investors are wary. Apple’s shares fell 2.6% on Tuesday, wiping out $ 34 billion in market value and dragging U.S. equities down the line. The Hong Kong Hang Seng closed 1.5%.

“It’s a supply chain problem and a sales problem in China,” said Nicholas Hyett, Hargreaves Lansdown’s stock analyst. “This is what makes it different from what we’ve seen before.”

Stacking on: HSBC (see below) and mining giant Glencore (GLCNF) He also talked about how coronavirus could harm their business on Tuesday. Glencore CEO Ivan Glasenberg said it was “a little too early” to reduce the impact, but noted that China actually took another two weeks after the Lunar New Year holidays to get back on its feet. No shipments have been canceled, he said.

HSBC will cut 35,000 jobs after the drop in profit

Big changes are coming HSBC (HBCYF) after the London-based bank reported a 33% drop in earnings in 2019, my CNN Business colleagues Michelle Toh and Hanna Ziady report.
HSBC plans to cut 35,000 jobs with a 33% drop in profits
Major restructuring: the bank said it would cut about 35,000 jobs over the next three years, or about 15% of its global workforce. It also plans to withdraw approximately $ 100 billion in assets by the end of 2022.

“Parts of our business don’t offer acceptable returns,” interim CEO Noel Quinn said in a statement. “We are therefore outlining a revised plan to increase returns for investors, create future investment capacity and build a platform for sustainable growth.”

Variable focus: HSBC plans to cut underperforming divisions and rotate more dramatically in Asia. The bank said it would put more investment banking resources there and in the Middle East, strengthening its position in emerging markets. It will also reduce its research units on sales, trade and equities in Europe, closing one third of US branches.

It didn’t help: the bank had already been hit by Hong Kong protests and low interest rates, which had damaged the loans. Now there is the coronavirus epidemic. HSBC warned Tuesday that it was “causing economic disruption to Hong Kong and mainland China and that it could impact performance in 2020.”

London equities fell approximately 6.1% in early trading.

Jeff Bezos pledges $ 10 billion to fight climate change

Jeff Bezos is throwing his wealth in the fight against climate change, months after Amazon employees publicly pressured him and the company to do more to address the problem.
The Amazon (AMZN) On Monday, the CEO announced a new fund to support scientists, activists and organizations working to mitigate the impact of climate change, reports from my CNN colleague Rishi Iyengar. Bezos said in an Instagram post that he will commit $ 10 billion “to start”.
The initiative, called the Bezos Earth Fund, will begin to award grants this summer. The commitment constitutes less than 8% of the estimate of the richest man in the world Net worth of $ 130 billion. Even so, it’s one of the biggest charity promises ever, according to a ranking of the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Amazon’s recent increase in inventory certainly offers Bezos more room to run (it holds a 15% stake). The company’s shares increased by 15.5% this year, while the broader S&P 500 gained only 4.6%.

Real change? While $ 10 billion is a lot of money in all circumstances, what could matter more than a private contribution is the way Amazon approaches climate change.

Come on next

Walmart (WMT) reports earnings before US markets open. Groupon (GRPN) is Loan club (LC) follow after closing.

Also today:

  • The Empire State Manufacturing Survey for February arrives at 8:30 am ET.
  • The NAHB real estate market index for February posts at 10 ET.

Tomorrow: How strong is the US real estate market? New data will indicate us.


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How to watch the democratic debate: time, channels, candidates

Here is all you need to know about the ninth primary debate sanctioned by the National Democratic Committee.

The debate will be broadcast live at 21:00. ET from the Paris Theater in Las Vegas.

The debate will be broadcast live on NBC News and MSNBC. It will stream on NBC and MSNBC web and mobile platforms and on The Nevada Independent website. It will be broadcast live in Spanish on Universo, as well as on the mobile app and on the Noticias Telemundo website and on the Noticias Telemundo Facebook page, according to NBC.

What’s new?

Wednesday’s debate will see the first appearance of the former New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who met the DNC voting threshold this week.

Who is arguing?

Who is moderating?

NBC’s Lester Holt, Chuck Todd, Hallie Jackson, Noticias Telemundo’s Vanessa Hauc and Nevada Independent’s Jon Ralston will moderate the event.

Who has not made the cut?

  • Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

How was the stage decided?

DNC announced in January that there would be no threshold for donors for the Nevada debate, which opened its doors to Bloomberg, which has not sought to raise funds, to qualify for its first contest.

To qualify for Wednesday’s debate, a candidate needed 10% in four qualified national, Nevada or South Carolina polls, or 12% in two qualified Nevada or South Carolina polls. A candidate was also in able to qualify if he received a single delegate from the Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primary. The donor threshold, which previously required candidates to receive donations from a number of people, has been abandoned.

What happened to the last debate?

The eighth Democratic presidential debate, which was ahead of the New Hampshire primaries, turned into a cluster against Buttigieg and Sanders, who both passed the field in Iowa. Klobuchar was the most direct in his challenges. But Warren turned down Buttigieg for his response to marijuana arrests in South Bend. Biden strongly criticized Sanders’ 90s votes on gun control. Steyer played his most central role in any debate, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who has since abandoned, shot Buttigieg.


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The new Microsoft Office application is now available for download on iOS and Android

Microsoft today launches its new unified Office application for iOS and Android, which combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint into one application. The software maker began testing this new Office application in beta as a hub for all things Office Mobile in November, and now, anyone can download and install it. Microsoft has focused on showing some of the most mobile-friendly parts of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in quick actions that allow you to perform tasks on the go.

All the main applications are combined, which means you can quickly switch between documents, scan PDF files and even capture whiteboards, text and tables in digital versions. Microsoft is also adding support for third-party cloud storage such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud. Today’s release will also be available on Android tablets with “limited support,” and a fully optimized tablet experience will soon be available on iPadOS and Android.

While the set of initial functions will be useful for quickly creating templates, scanning tables and simply using Word, Excel or PowerPoint files on the fly, Microsoft has planned more mobile-centric functions. The dictation of words seems to be one of the most interesting. You can use Word within this Office application to dictate your voice in text. There is even a voice command bar to add punctuation marks such as commas, question marks and exclamation marks.

Elsewhere, Microsoft plans to make Excel easier to use on mobile devices with a new card view. You can view and edit data from Excel rows in a card view that makes it much easier to see on a vertical phone screen. Excel was designed with wider columns and screens in mind, and will often scroll through a set of data and forget which line you were looking at. This new card view helps improve that for people who want to edit and view Excel sheets on the fly.

The new final feature that Microsoft is planning for the future turns a simple scheme into a PowerPoint presentation. “Often there are only a lot of bullet points or a lot of ideas that we started with,” explains the Office application product manager Nithya Sampathkumar in an interview with The edge. “So we said,” How do we make sure work can begin on mobile? “That is the basis for creating a scheme.” The new feature allows you to write a bulleted presentation or a brief summary, and the PowerPoint Designer feature will transform it into complete presentation slides with a style and format.

New view of Excel card.

New PowerPoint scheme function.

These three new features will not be available today, but Microsoft plans to introduce them in the coming months. For now, you can download the new Unified Office application for iOS and Android. Microsoft still plans to keep the individual Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications available to people who only use independent versions, but this combined application is clearly where most of the new mobile-centric features will appear in the future.

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Police catch a fake faith healer in Sialkot who lived in graves

SIALKOT: A recent video of a false faith healer sitting inside a grave had gone viral on social media, the region’s district police officer (DPO) has taken note of the development, ARY News reported Wednesday.

According to the details, the healer had settled in his house inside a grave in a cemetery in the area and had supported a sleeping bag and kept edible with him.

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Several tunnels were dug around the grave that led to one where the faith healer resided to confuse people and trick them into paying huge amounts of cash for the apparent “black magic.”

Local police arrested the fake healer, but he was released shortly after he paid bail and left the police station with his followers on a motorcycle.

Read more: Veiled “faith healers” commit theft of light in Punjab

At the beginning of last month, women who were scammed with a veil in Punjab stole gold jewelry and cash from a house when they came in disguised as healers.

The women entered the house and stole everything they could have in their hands.



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The murder of a 7-year-old girl in Mexico fuels anger and protests over brutal killings

The next day, the 7-year-old girl was declared missing. She was later found dead, her body in a plastic bag.

The body of Fatima was discovered in Tláhuac, a municipality in southern Mexico City, over the weekend, according to Ulises Lara López, spokesman for the attorney general’s office in the city. She was raped and sexually beaten before she died, Mexico City Attorney General Ernestina Godoy Ramos said at a press conference Tuesday.

Femicides – the killing of women because of their gender – have risen 137% in the past five years, according to Mexican Attorney General Alejandro Gertz. A total of 1,006 were reported in 2019, compared to 912 the previous year.

But even that number only illustrates part of the problem: every day ten women are killed in Mexico, according to authorities and activists who claim that multiple cases should be classified as feminicides.

The femicide rate was described on Monday as a “socially ill” by the country’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador – but he was also convicted of other comments on the assassination of Fatima, who appeared to blame the neoliberal economic policies and society on his together.

Meanwhile, the boy’s relatives blamed the authorities for wasting the first precious hours after his daughter’s disappearance.

‘Crime will not go unpunished’

Fátima was last seen in the company of a woman who, through video surveillance, was seen picking up the girl from school, the Mexico City attorney general’s office told reporters Monday.

Later that day, her mother went to school to pick up her daughter but was unable to find her. She reported that she disappeared the next day after frantically searching for her unsuccessfully.

People carry the coffin during the seven-year-old Fátima funeral, whose body was found on the weekend.

A white vehicle identified in the area also attracted investigators’ attention. Authorities interviewed at least five witnesses and a property in the Xochimilco neighborhood was searched.

The Mexico City Attorney General’s office also urgently asked the public for help, offering a reward of 2 million pesos ($ 107,000) in exchange for any information, particularly the woman seen on video surveillance and where she is, according to Lara López during the press conference on Monday.

Officials said the woman is the key to the investigation, but did not say whether she is suspected or not.

During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Mexico City attorney general Ernestina Godoy Ramos said the investigation and interrogations continue, allowing them to sketch the woman in the video.

“We want to ask everyone to support us with the diffusion of the image, as well as the physical characteristics of the person we are referring to,” he added adding that this woman was the key to the investigation. “It is essential to know where the woman is and everything that has happened,” said Godoy Ramos.

But since then, relatives have blamed the authorities for dragging their feet in the first hours after the relationship.

Sonia López, the girl’s aunt, told reporters on Monday: “It is not possible that they have lost key hours to find her.”

“It may have been found alive and nobody paid any attention to it,” he said angrily adding that there were people who sympathized but the authorities did not have the “resources”.

Godoy Ramos ordered an investigation into the actions of the Attorney General’s Office in the nation’s capital following complaints that authorities did not assist when the complaint was filed for a missing person.

These are the faces that represent Ingrid Escamilla, the young woman brutally killed and skinned in Mexico
“I have instructed the investigator’s office to conduct a detailed investigation into the actions of @FiscaliaCDMX [Mexico City Attorney General’s Office] who was aware of the complaint about the disappearance of the girl Fátima Cecilia, “said Godoy Ramos on his Twitter account Tuesday morning, adding that the investigation “will be open to the family” and “the investigation will be promptly informed”.

“I want to express my deepest sympathy to the mother and father of Fatima, to her brothers and to each of her relatives, and to emphasize that we will not rest until we find the guilty, all the guilty,” he added in a press conference Monday.

In a separate press conference on Tuesday, Godoy Ramos reiterated that any “act of omission or negligence” by the authorities would be “sanctioned by law”.

The mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, on Twitter described the murder of Fatima as a “scandalous, aberrant and painful” act, days after writing in connection with the killing of Escamilla that “femicide is an absolutely crime it is scary when hatred reaches extremes as in the case of Ingrid Escamilla. “

“This crime will not go unpunished,” added Sheinbaum, regarding the Fatima case.

But as anger grows over the most recent case, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has come under scrutiny.

López Obrador condemned the crime when asked by reporters on Monday, but said punishment alone was not the solution.

Mexico hit a record high with over 33,000 murders in 2018

At a press conference, he blamed the rise of femicides in part on a society that had “fallen into decline, a progressive degradation that has to do with the neoliberal model”, saying that these crimes were caused by hatred “, problems social, family problems, “a” social disease “.

“This does not end with prisons and the police or harsh threats,” López Obrador said on Monday. “We must strive for the profound substance of the well-being and well-being of the soul.”

Neoliberalism is a frequent target of López Obrador’s anger, but his decision to refer to a common political discussion point in relation to the topic of femicide has angered many observers.

Numerous commentators criticized the President’s response to a burgeoning crisis. The hashtag # JusticiaParaFátima – “Justice For Fátima” – has also trended on Twitter.

Femicides and other violent crimes have sprung up in Mexico in recent years. More than 35,000 murders were recorded in 2019, a record number that exceeds the previous high of 33,341 set in 2018. Many of the murders are related to the violence of the drug cartel.

‘The community is afraid’

Anger was already on display in the streets of Mexico before the body of Fatima was found. Her discovery did nothing but increase the mistrust between right-wing women’s protesters and the country’s authorities.

“I was born and raised here and now the violence is more than ever,” Armando, 59, told CNN at Escamilla’s Friday demonstration in Mexico City, asking to go by his name only. “It was too violent and the community is afraid.”

Feminist groups gather outside the building where Ingrid Escamilla, 25, was found brutally murdered.

The decision of a handful of newspapers to publish disturbing leaked photos of Escamilla’s body sparked outrage, and some women took part in Friday’s march in solidarity with Escamilla on the same weekend during which Fatima’s body was discovered.

The fear had been fueled by the gruesome murder of Escamilla that week, which sparked public action.

During a press conference on Thursday, López Obrador said that the person responsible for the loss of the images should be reprimanded. “This is a crime, which must be punished, whoever it is,” he said.

The protesters created a vigil with flowers and candles in front of the building where Escamilla’s body was found, with a photo of him hanging on the wall. Others carried signals urging government action.

But Friday’s march was not the first time that Mexicans took to the streets to protest the rate of femicides. Similar events have occurred in recent years, usually triggered by other high profile cases.

“Mexico faces a major challenge in terms of violence against women,” said the National Women’s Institute after Escamilla’s death, in a statement that also stirred the media to publish the images.

The organization held a moment of silence for Fátima on Monday.

The body of Fatima was put to rest on Tuesday afternoon while anger across the country resonates with the latter victim in a country spoiled by violence and impunity.

CNN’s Jack Guy, CNNE’s Ana Cucalón, Juliana Gonzalez, Fidel Gutiérrez and Adrián Ledezma contributed to this report.


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