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Valkyrae reveals why she is preparing to quit GTA RP | Instant News

popular YouTube Streamer Valkyrie Revealed that she was close to the point where she might quit the pop band Grand Theft Auto Role playing server. The reason for this feeling seems to be shared by other popular content creators participating in the game.Did she really end up staying awayGrand Theft AutoRP as a whole remains to be seen.

In Valkyrae’s short live broadcast this week, the beloved YouTuber said the main reason she didn’t like Grand Theft Auto RP is all because of the way viewers behave during playback. Valkyrae often said that her chats during live broadcasts can become very toxic while playing games. Grand Theft Auto That’s why she didn’t care about it at first. “Imma, to be honest, I think I really like RP GTA 5 If I don’t stream, however, I think it’s not worth the bad atmosphere. To be honest, people said they just ignored it, but it kind of made me no longer want to play it,” she explained, “I like it a little bit, yes.I would rather just play Pay attention to Honestly. I would rather do something that I am very happy about. “

Valkyrae went on to say that she considered the idea of ​​completely shutting down the chat while playing the game Grand Theft AutoBut this is not what she usually likes to do.She also said that even if she knows similar games Pay attention to It’s not the most popular one among her audiences. She would rather play the content she likes than simply try to increase the number of viewers.

Valkyrae’s potential divergence Grand Theft Auto When the RP NoPixel 3.0 server appeared, another major streaming media was launched in the game. In the past week, Felix “xQc” Lengyel actually received a server ban After the dispute occurred, the members involved in their own chat harassed other live broadcasters. Obviously, Grand Theft Auto RP is a game that stands out among many audiences for some reason.

Does Valkyrae finally return? Grand Theft Auto The future remains to be seen. However, if you plan to watch her on YouTube at any time, you might expect her to be still playing other games.

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Leak hints that Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE will use a “traditional” design | Instant News

You know that Samsung will become Samsung’s successor Galaxy S20 FE I got a strong response in the work, and some details may appear in the follow-up work.The famous technical expert OnLeaks has shared What he is talking about is a rendering of the Galaxy S21 FE, which seems to be the same as you would expect-slightly different.Not surprisingly, new value-for-money phones look just like ordinary Galaxy S21, And is equipped with a glass-like plastic shell, but the fuselage integrates a protruding camera bump, which will have a more “traditional” design.

Like the Galaxy S20 FE, the S21 FE will have a “medium” display (OnLeaks said it is 6.4 inches, while the S20 FE is 6.5 inches), three rear cameras and a punch-hole selfie cam. The leak does not include specifications, but existing phones have earned a reputation by including the same top-of-the-line processor and 120Hz display technology as the standard S20.We won’t be surprised to find one Snapdragon 888 And other high-end features in S21 FE, even if it may be reduced in other ways.

However, you may need to be patient. Samsung did not launch the S20 FE until September last year. Even considering the early launch of the S21, we do not want the company to launch a sequel quickly. However, if you have the patience to wait, you will get many of Samsung’s flagship experiences without causing too much damage to your bank account.

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Abe looks better and healthier than ever! | Instant News

Solstorm is the second part of Lorne Lanning’s dream methodology, directly transformed from New’n’Delicious, similar to Shinzo Abe’s Exodus and inherited Shinzo Abe’s “Odyssey.” Even here and there, someone will talk about Soulstorm as a remake, and this new episode is actually more than that. Redesigned from A to Z, it can recreate the original landscape. Therefore, the game begins with a series of newspaper clippings, introducing Glucon Molk in charge of the fire in his own factory. Ordinary gamers know that this is actually the result of Shinzo Abe’s actions. The comrades of Shinzo Abe are truly willing to sacrifice their workers and turn them into canned meat. The script continues with a true introductory film, setting the tone for the progress the developers are making on the ground. The series has always provided high-quality cutscenes, and this feature can answer calls again. Some of these sequences are worthy of animation clips, where the facial expressions of the characters are sufficient to give the event a comedic or dramatic tone. Therefore, each of these scenes is a trivial reward for the player, and he can benefit from everyone who watches for more than an hour of joy.

We will not disclose the details of the plan here, but you can imagine that Shinzo Abe will have to save as many teammates as possible again. Therefore, we found the “Gamepeck” system, which can easily order (waiting for me to follow) our disciples or all the people around to securely protect the portal. Use some of these loyalists to activate specific mechanisms. The behavior of Mudokas is usually very good, because it turns out that they are “smart” enough to systematically reproduce Abe’s behavior. This will not prevent them from being crushed by doors from time to time or consumed by more or less canine creatures from time to time! After all, taking care of followers is part of the player’s job. Another technician, Spell, previously inherited from Oddworlds, is also making a comeback. This feature allows you to capture certain enemies and use them to open channels or eliminate other opponents.

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Fantasy World: Soul Storm

Oddworld Soulstorm also provides good penetration capabilities, for example, you can walk with tips to avoid causing sleep guards. The animation is actually very interesting, especially when many followers copy it automatically. The same is true when our disciples want to hide in adjacent cupboards to follow Abe’s example. Hiding behind a wall (sometimes disastrous) or hiding in smoke is one of the “discretionary actions” we can use. In addition, it is now possible to tie a sleeping guard and/or steal things from him. The alert system uses three levels of alert (calm, medium, high). These alert levels are clearly displayed on the screen, knowing that it usually takes a few seconds to hide and seek a response from the guards. enough.

Fantasy World: Soul Storm

It turns out that the stage aspect of the game is more interesting than before. Shinzo Abe can easily turn right when climbing or descending, and even provides valuable signals to players when he reaches the edge of the platform. The harshness of gameplay in the 90s is a thing of the past. In addition, Soulstorm now innovates by integrating inventory and process components. Putting you in cans, trash cans, trash cans and other cabinets, and giving you water (to extinguish it with a flame) or beer bottles (to set the wooden wall on fire or burn with a campfire) is allowed. However, it is also possible to recover the various components needed to build mines, antidotes, torch bombs and other smoke screens. This technical aspect is popular because it enriches the gameplay, but never makes it stand out. Even so, our disciples can be equipped with certain items, depending on whether they will use them or not, depending on whether they are ordered to be active or passive (the two commands follow the classic / are added to the waiting pair).

Fantasy World: Soul Storm

(2 + 3) / 2 = 2.9?

Technically speaking, the game clearly broke the 2D of the 90s, and even upgraded the new “N” 2.5D. Developers are now talking about “2.9D”. Although the term is a bit marketable, it still reflects a certain reality. The camera will periodically (sometimes very clearly) change its position and zoom level, play in perspective and provide panoramic views, viewing angles and the spaciousness that a “fixed” screen may bring, no matter whether it is 2D or 3D. If we are generally satisfied with moving left or right to make it easier to get started, then we will still feel that we are actually evolving into a three-dimensional and “open” universe. This aspect works well and is closely integrated with the overall satisfactory graphics. We can always notice here that some effects are not as successful as other effects (such as certain explosions) or textures with few details, but the overall effect is very good. In any case, art direction is so unique and enjoyable that it takes precedence over purely technical aspects. Since there is no French voice, the game has no flaws. Fortunately, local subtitles can answer calls, but some of them sometimes forget the spaces between words. Although it is not much, it still looks terrible, like a small insect that must still be eliminated (the speaker’s body is frozen during the movie “movie”, the gateway to the bird that refuses to reappear…).

Fantasy World: Soul Storm

In addition, when there may be multiple actions at the same location, the selection system can become a bit tricky. We want to be able to restrain the enemy before we find it (to avoid him waking up), but when the game does not approve of opening the cabinet in the background, it sometimes forces us to do the opposite. . We were also surprised by some tutorial posts that appeared in the fourth or fifth level, when the verbs involved were already useful in previous levels, if not necessary. All of this does not prevent us from appreciating adventure and being happy to save as many problems as possible. According to the percentage of followers released, more than 1,300 have been released, and the game provides us with more or less four endings (“worst”, “bad”, “good” and reward order). Another motivation for playing the role of protector is that after releasing at least 80% of the problems in 7 of the 15 basic levels, two more levels can be used. Therefore, the life span is more than ten hours, and if one wishes to explore all the secret areas, the life span may even double. In the end, Oddworld Soulstorm fulfilled all promises, so it is the best choice for the future. Because yes, we hope that one day we can end the five methods promised to us more than 20 years ago…

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Why does Twitch ban the word “obesity” in chat | Instant News

Twitch prohibits the use of “obesity” in the chat section because it may be used as an insult.

Compared with last year, the Twitch ban has increased significantly in the past few months. Although some bans occur due to violation of Twitch rules, the main problem is that some bans occur for no specific reason. The newest refers to a word.

What happened in the Nmplol stream?

During the live broadcast from Nmplol, he asked the audience to predict whether he was overweight or obese once he stepped on the scale, but soon the host discovered that because Twitch prohibits obesity, the audience cannot send the word “obesity” in the chat area. .Below you can view Nmplol’s Here.

As you might expect, neither the audience nor the streaming media received a friendly response. Although the term “obesity” can be used as an insult, it is actually a medical term for certain overweight conditions, rather than a common insulting term.

Is banning words like obesity the best solution?

If you look at it from a restrictive point of view (similar to Twitch), the word should actually be banned, but there are many words that can be adapted to the same situation. Therefore, prohibition is not the best solution available here.

On the other hand, some Twitch users believe that the platform’s current problems are much more serious than banning words like obesity. The latest growth of Hot Tub streaming on Twitch may be one of the issues related to platforms such as Twitch that some users of the platform will not find.

That being said, due to the variety of content provided by the streamers in “Just Chatting,” this category became the most watched segment on Twitch in the first quarter of 2021. Given such outstanding performance, it’s hard to believe that Twitch will restrict hot tubs or other “live chat” streams.

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PlayStation players need to vote for PS5 games twice a month | Instant News

Haze Studio Need two In the monthly “Player Choice” poll hosted by the official PS Blog, “PlayStation Players” was voted “Game of the Month” by “PlayStation Players”.

inside PS5 Download the chart for that month, Need two Ranked third in Europe and fourth in North America. In general, the leaderboards on PS4 and PS5 are dominated by the usual suspects: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, FIFA 21, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with Grand Theft Auto V.

The top downloads in March 2021 are as follows:

PS5 (Europe)

  1. FIFA 21
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  3. Need two
  4. Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six: Siege”
  5. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  6. Crash Bandicoot 4: Time is up
  7. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  8. WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship
  9. Mortal Kombat 11
  10. Demon Soul
  11. Disco Elysium-the final entry point
  12. Watchdogs: Legion
  13. NBA 2K21
  14. Killer 3
  15. Sackboy: A big adventure
  16. Rise of the Immortal Fairy
  17. Real Shell: Enhanced Edition
  18. Borderlands 3
  19. Die in the day: special edition
  20. Yakuza: Like a dragon

PS5 (United States/Canada)

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  3. NBA 2K21
  4. Need two
  5. Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six: Siege”
  6. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  7. Crash Bandicoot 4: Time is up
  8. Demon Soul
  9. FIFA 21
  10. Watchdogs: Legion
  11. Mortal Kombat 11
  12. Madden American Football 21
  13. Disco Elysium-the final entry point
  14. Killer 3
  15. Sackboy: A big adventure
  16. Die in the day: special edition
  17. Rise of the Immortal Fairy
  18. Yakuza: Like a dragon
  19. Heaven falls
  20. Borderlands 3

What surprises do these lists surprise our readers?

For the PS4 and PS VR popular rankings for these two regions in March, please go to PS Blog.

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