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COVID testing set to play bigger role in international travel – WHO expert | Instant News

By Stephanie Nebehay, Emma FargeGENEVA (Reuters) – COVID tests are expected to be used more widely in international travel than quarantines, the chairman of the World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee said on Friday. Didier Houssin, chairman of the World Health Organization independent expert group advising WHO on the COVID-19 pandemic, said it was important for the UN agency to provide further guidance on the safety of international air travel. It certainly makes things easier given all the efforts that have been made by airlines and airports, ”Houssin said at a press conference. “There is no zero risk”. “It is therefore a compromise that countries must make, the risk of a traveler arriving and potentially starting another chain of transmission, against the An obvious advantage of allowing travel from a social and economic point of view”, “He said.” You can add tests and different measures to it. We are reviewing this at this time. We will publish more guidance for countries in terms of risk management processes very soon. Ryan said that an international team of scientists led by WHO had held its first virtual meeting with Chinese counterparts regarding joint investigations into the origin of the novel. “We fully expect the team to deploy on the ground,” he said, without giving any delay. Ryan warned that it was difficult to do scientific work on the origin of the virus in a “politically intoxicated” environment. “We are scientists. We want the best possible scientific results generating the best possible evidence for the origin of this disease, ”he said. Additional reports by Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi; written by Stephanie Nebehay and Nick Macfie; Edited by Hugh Lawson and Catherine Evans.

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PewDiePie revealed that he was chased by crazy police in a recent interview | Instant News

In a recent live broadcast, YouTube star PewDiePie revealed that he was hunted by crazy police while living in Sweden.This week, PewDiePie and Pokimane and other popular Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers participated Between us. In the process, the most popular YouTuber in the world revealed some embarrassing stories about his childhood and past, including the news that he was chased by the Swedish police when he was 18 and had just obtained his driver’s license.

“The second time I got a speeding ticket was when I was 18 years old, and I just got a driver’s license, of course it was a cliché.” Pippi. “I thought,’Yes, let’s work hard without a car.’ I thought I was the coolest, don’t do it, it’s not cool, but then I speeded, the police actually chased me, they put on the siren, I used to Never seen it before, I don’t think they are actually checking the speed. They just want to catch up to me, look at their driving, and then say,’This is your driving speed.'”

PewDiePie continues:

“I gave them the happiest look ever. I think they pity me so much that they eventually lowered the items on the ticket. They were like,’You are fine, just go, don’t drive fast.'”

The YouTuber added that he has never stayed in the UK where he currently lives, but has been stopped on many occasions in Sweden, where he grew up and lived before moving to the UK.

As you can see, it is not clear what the police pursued, but if he escaped with only a ticket and warning, it is obviously not what you saw in a Hollywood movie.

Although PewDiePie has been involved in his controversial issues, he has never encountered legal troubles, so the story about his young self surprised many of his fans. In other words, although PewDiePie is famous for his YouTube videos, his streaming media has been increasing recently. Of course, if this trend continues, then this may not be the last crazy story we heard from the 31-year-old star.


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News summary: Pumpkin carving winners, Thanksgiving food drive, advisory committee openings and more | Instant News

Hampton Township have that plucked that winner from this year Pumpkin Carving Contest.

The first place winner was a Pittsburgh skyline engraving. The second place is a pumpkin depicting a castle. The third place winner was a pumpkin featuring Morticia Addams. And an honorable award was given to the “Covid Couple” pumpkin.

The contest winner will receive a gift certificate. Pumpkins are displayed outside the community center.

The Honor Society plans a Thanksgiving food trip

The National Honor Society at North Hills High School and the Class of 2021 team up to host an annual Thanksgiving meal to help families in districts in need.

Food will be collected from 4:30 am to 6:30 pm on November 16 at North Hills Christian Church, 778 Thompson Run Road.

Items needed for a food drive include stuffing, canned vegetables, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, “grab and bake” bread, canned fruit, juices and baked goods mixes.

Cash or checks can also be donated by delivery or mailing to: North Hills Christian Church, c / o Family Food Bags, 778 Thompson Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

Virtual divorce workshop for women

A three-hour workshop is offered online on November 14 to provide education and information to women on legal, financial and emotional issues related to divorce.

The workshops will be held via video conference from 8:30 am to 11:30 am

It costs $ 15 per person, and early registration is required before November 12 by calling Donna Cheswick at 724-493-9695. Once registered, online instructions will be sent via email.

Hampton is looking for residents to serve on the advisory board

Hampton receives cover letters from residents interested in serving on the Environmental Advisory Board, the Zoning Hearing Board, and the Hampton Shaler EMS Board.

The environmental council is responsible for reviewing land development applications to ensure compliance with environmental protection regulations.

In addition, issues related to the protection, conservation, management, promotion and use of natural resources, including air, land and water are also being studied.

The zoning board reviews and decides the variance application. Variances can be filed as an appeal against a permit refusal, notification of violation or a determination by a zoning officer.

The emergency medical services board will have appointments available from 2021. The board serves as the appointed board of directors overseeing the administrative and fiscal operations of the service.

Citizens interested in serving in one of the positions should write to: Township of Hampton, Attn: Township Council, 3101 McCully Road, Allison Park, PA 15101.

The letter can also be sent by email to: [email protected]

Tony LaRussa is a staff writer for the Tribune-Review. You can contact Tony at 724-772-6368, [email protected] or via Twitter .

Hampton Journal | Local

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The United States is at war | Instant News

We are facing a conflict in Western society that, for many years, has occurred behind the scenes and out of sight, but is now being fought for in public and in the open.

This cultural debate has been going on in Europe and the United States for some time now and it is one that pits us against a new hybrid of modern ‘socialism-democratic’ and the historic left. A coalition built on historic and ancient radical practices such as taking direct action on the streets, spreading disinformation and undermining state institutions while ignoring civilized debate. After all, we have faced this conflict before and it is through the strength of our traditions, our culture, and the virtues of people forged in history; that we can show that people are more united than parties or ideologies.

Many people in Europe and the US realize that without a strong state there can be no strong family or true freedom in civil society. And that the strength of a nation lies in the customs, culture, and heroic virtues of a nation forged in history. A nation is more than just a party or an ideology.

Before the War, socialism had failed to establish itself firmly in the democratic countries of the world. It was only after the Second World War that the left realized that the power of the Nation, which is rooted in the entrepreneurship and individualism of its people and that this deeply ingrained culture becomes an obstacle to their goal of following the revolutionary workers’ agenda. And that the only way to overcome this institutional resistance to revolutionary politics is to fight from the base.

This new left-wing coalition, following its hardline legacy in the past, knows how to work and how to manipulate cultural institutions, with supporters in the arts, the media; and universities. Over the years these institutions have taken over and sought to legitimize positions that were once considered radical and outside of mainstream acceptance. By capturing these important channels, they have changed the agenda and projected themselves a kind of moral superiority over the center-right parties in Europe and sometimes America.

This new left alliance emerged around the world. In Great Britain, Jeremy Corbyn and a tough takeover by the Labor Party were a sign of the beginning of things to come – he was luckily rejected by voters there twice. In the United States, we have seen Democrats move to the left under the influence of radicals like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In Spain, we also experienced this with socialist governments in coalition with communist parties acting as allies of dictatorships in Venezuela and Cuba.

These people in the past have supported the use of peaceful protest and direct action but refused to condemn them when they naturally turned violent. The list of recent clashes between ‘progressives’ and the police over the past few months is endless. While they hide behind intersectionalism, the reality is that they seek total institutional and cultural change.

The only way to stand on this new left is by courage, reasoned debate, and by showing that you are on the side of the people. But most importantly, you beat them by telling them you can beat them at their own game. An example of someone who has achieved this is President Donald Trump.

Over the past four years and with the law on his side Donald Trump has proven that it is possible to stop the ‘regressive left’: he has shown that he is on the side of American citizens working by introducing the largest tax cut and deregulation program in American history. And has been awarded the lowest unemployment rate in 49 years, growth in oil production and a 60 percent increase in coal exports. It is the first term in recent history without the US engaging in a new war, escalating international trade agreements, a hardline approach to Iran, increased funding for the army and police, protection of cultural heritage, defense of life and human dignity and fierce attacks on subsidized lobby; in short, the protection of American values.

The cultural fault lines exposed in America today are the potential that opens up in Europe tomorrow. We must therefore be prepared for our own debate about the future of the continent and prepare our own similar agenda that puts people first. We must cut taxes, reduce regulation, protect our cultural heritage, strengthen our institutions and restore the freedoms of our people.

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Travel the world for work brings joy to survivors | Instant News

By JAN TUCKER[email protected]Ontonagon – Fern Malila has traveled the world in her post with an electronic medical records company, but that world was turned upside down in 2011 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fern is a registered nurse and has lived in Virginia, working for Cerner Corporation and traveling to clients inside and outside the United States for the sale, development and support of medical software. being called by the company to travel at any time, Fern has always scheduled her annual mammograms. around New Years when the business was not that busy. In 2011, this test was on January 3. Her doctor informed her that there were concerns about a “very small” area in the left breast. A CT scan and biopsy could not be scheduled for a week, so she took a business trip to the Middle East. She returned to Virginia from Dubai for the procedures only to find that two small spots, so tiny that a mammogram couldn’t see them, also involved the right breast.She had a lumpectomy and her oncologist said she would benefit chemotherapy. The result was 18 weeks of chemotherapy sessions. Fern had worked for Cerner for 15 years and had the support of the company to work from home as well as a good sick and health leave policy and received full pay. Fern said it was a “very scary” time. “I would wake up at night and lose a lot of sleep.” Meanwhile, she said her life was motivated by the availability of other people for tests and appointments, and although she was considered cancer-free at the end of chemotherapy treatments, she followed the recommendations of the doctor for five weeks of radiation therapy. Fern said daily worry about his cancer was over. when she woke up one day in the summer of 2012, “I realized that I hadn’t thought about cancer for 24 hours. I knew then that it was over. ” She passes on the advice she received during her trials to others. “If you search the Internet or elsewhere, pay attention only to information that is useful to you today. If the information is for a year or five years in the future, ignore it.” Another tip came from a good friend. “Treat cancer like a mom with a newborn baby. Do what you can for a few minutes at a time. Look in small inches, what needs to be done in this small amount of time.” Fern retired and returned to live in Ontonagon in 2016 She remains active in the community. She volunteers with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic, is Medicare Advisor for Ontonagon County, is actively involved in the Lutheran Church Saint-Paul of Mass City, serves with the Victim Services Unit, which is a branch of the Ontonagon County Sheriff’s Department, volunteering with historical society and community and religious groups. And she still loves to travel. Fern reminds women, no matter where they live, where they travel or what they do for a living, to “get that mammogram and follow your doctor’s orders.” .

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