Deforestation in parts of the Amazon in Brazil has increased from the 14th consecutive month during June. According to the report, preliminary data from the government stated that deforestation had increased 10 percent in June compared to the same time at the end of the year. This data has increased pressure on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who has been widely criticized for not doing enough to protect the Amazon rainforest which many consider to be the ‘lungs of the world’.

Amazon rainforest is in great danger

As per the report, if the deforestation rate increases in July then Brazil will be on track to record annual deforestation covering 15,000 square kilometers of forest cover. This will be a sharp increase from 10,129 square kilometers of forest cover lost last year and the highest number since 2005.

Environmentalists, environmentalists and researchers blame the President of Brazil for encouraging illegal loggers, ranchers and land speculators. Bolsonaro is also accused of undermining environmental protection, as well as encouraging commercial mining and agriculture in the Amazon to develop the country.

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In response, Bolsonaro has claimed that he is framed by foreign powers and claims that Brazil underneath has an amazing environmental track record. Researchers strongly believe that the protection and conservation of the Amazon rainforest is the key to stopping the effects of climate change, because the Amazon rainforest removes large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, this is also the reason it is called ‘the lungs of the world’ ‘

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Deforestation in Colombia

Colombia has lost more than 100,000 hectares of forest, roughly the size of the city of Sao Paolo in Brazil, due to deforestation in 2019. According to a recent official report, Colombia lost around 159,000 hectares of forest cover last year. Although the figure is surprising, it is actually 19 percent lower than the deforestation experienced the previous year. In 2018, Colombia has reportedly lost 197,000 hectares of forest cover.

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